Продано! Муж выставил непокорную жену на аукцион

So resourceful husband decided to get revenge on a woman for inadequate care during illness.

“Previously, coats, bikes got. And now children will get started”. Sacramental phrase, the cat Matroskin perfectly describes this story. Only instead of “children” substitute “wives”. 33-year-old resident of the city of Wakefield Joker Simon O Kane decided to sell his wife and put her as the lot on Internet auction site eBay.

Your, to put it mildly, unusual thing to do, the man explained that his 27-year-old wife of Leander did not take care of properly when he was sick. Like, no affection, no care. However, in addition to the downsides of Simon, as a seasoned marketer, painted and the beauty of this “product”. According to him, the wife of a great figure, and she is an excellent cook.

“In General, a good model. I’m sure someone will buy it, will not remain in the loser,” wrote O Kane.

Moreover, the presence of two children does not bother the enterprising merchant. Vengeance and a strange sense of humor was stronger than common sense. However, after a couple of days after placing the ad Simon was somewhat surprised that the cost of the couple at auction jumped almost $ 90,000.

Knowing that it is sold like a cow at the market, Leander has threatened to kill her husband. And the girl was confused, not the fact of this strange manifestation of market relations, and the fact that her betrothed in the ad posted a horrible photo. Joker himself in his defense stated that he is a big baby, with it bribes are smooth.