Дана Борисова закрутила роман с хоккеистом

Choice already gives telediva generous gifts. For example, a brand new car.

After neslojnoe marriage and a painful divorce in your life Borisova has finally arrived, the bright line. Famous blonde once again found love. And I think the feeling is mutual. Borisov has unveiled the chosen one, put a picture together to Instagram.

It turned out, the heart of the presenter belongs to the captain of the hockey club of artists “mosquito” Alexander Morozov. The artists was an important match. Dana, as expected, was sick for a loved one with spectator stands. And at some point broke down and jumped to the side to kiss your athlete.

This touching moment was captured by fans and posted on the web.

“Happiness to you”, “Danochka, happy for you”, “place No love! Not all of these kind and selfless as you,” wrote the joyous fans of the screen star.

But I think that Morozov is serious. Not only is he loaded with presents favorite, but expensive gifts. So, he already gave the Dane a brand new Volvo, stoimosti which is not less than 4 million rubles.

Interestingly, hockey is just a hobby of Alexander. The main its activities are connected with the cinema.

Recall, his first official husband the TV presenter had been married for about a year. The wedding took place June 22, 2015, and spring 2016 Borisov spoke about a possible breakup. At the beginning of last summer, the pair officially terminated the relationship. As admitted Dana, love could not stand the test of fame.

“Our relationship has outlived its usefulness. The decision to leave in the first place took Andrey. To live with a famous girlfriend was not as easy as he thought. And with the New year, I’ve gotten a lot of different problems. Passed away, my close friend Tim Brick, with whom I worked for many years. I had some depression, did not want to talk to anyone, force anything it was not. Apparently, Andrew could not resist to this of my condition. In February my daughter and Pauline flew to the Maldives on vacation, upon return, Andrew was supposed to meet us at the airport, but on the wrong flight and in the end just left us flowers, and then he said that living with me will be no more” – had previously told Woman’s Day Borisova (read more HERE).

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