Собчак перестала скрывать беременность

Socialite, appearing at the opening of the boutique in Gum, said rounded tummy.

It seems, yet no one star could not so expertly hide a pregnancy, as did Ksenia Sobchak. Star so competently picked up images that journalists were wondering and waiting whether it is child or is it just a rumour.

But the emergence of Vitorgan wife at the opening of the boutique in Gum finally placed all points over i. Wearing a thin shirt, Ksenia said rounded tummy.

“With my beloved friend and partner of Mikhail Ernestovich at the opening of @prada @gum_ru”, signed the star.

And the fans on the card immediately began to wonder what, I wonder, is the term the media personality. Most came to the conclusion that, most likely, six months.

Recall that the first rumors about the pregnancy Sobchak appeared in the early summer. Then about the interesting position of the famous blonde said her close friend Nika Belotserkovskaya. And soon the unequivocal message appeared on the page of a friend of Xenia singer Natalia Ionova.

“I just heard the good news. But I will not say what” was intrigue Gluk’oza. Itself Sobchak has since ceased to show a wasp waist, but only appeared in public in outfits a boxy cut.

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