Валерия рассказала, чем заменяет вредные сладости

48-year-old owner of a slim figure the singer Valeria shared with my subscribers the secret – she never indulges in “treats”.

We all know that Valeria adept to sports and proper nutrition. The star has repeatedly stressed that her perfect physical form – not a natural given, but the result of daily work. One day the singer can not do without sports, fast food and other harmful products in her kitchen just does not appear.

Their secrets of health and beauty the singer willingly shares with his fans. Recently in the social networks she has published a post about what you need to eat, if you really want a sweet.

“If I’m feeling delicious, spoil yourself with sweets for raw foodists is all sorts of delicious things from fresh fruit and dried fruit. Last thing I’m especially addicted, is Apple chips. They crack when you put them in the freezer. This is useful, tasty, low calorie sweet sweet!” – said the slim Valeria.

By the way, the physical form of the singer recently became the subject of heated debate in her Instagram. Valery posted a photo in bikini. Many have called the figure of the diva is perfect, but there were also those who accused the star of being too thin.

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