Ушла в минус: Хлои Кардашьян внезапно похудела на 18 кг

Younger sister Kim Kardashian just six months, has changed beyond recognition.

A few years ago, Chloe was considered the most normal in the family Kardashian-Jenner. But we thought that the girl that did not care: she wore dresses, accentuating the forms, and never talked about wanting to lose weight. And then the media personality has surprised and even a little scared of fans and journalists incredible thinness. It seems that the volume of her waist was less than 60 inches, perfect model proportions…

As it turned out, this harmony Chloe achieved by regular training (in her microblog you can find a lot of pictures from sportzal). And that’s about dieting or any special diet a celebrity in social media mentions. But we can assume that the hamburgers at night, she’s definitely not eating. One of the publications is the sister of Kim Kardashian has admitted that nearly six months she managed to lose 18 pounds!

Followers of Chloe, of course, overwhelmed her with compliments. However, there were also those whom thinness celebrity upset. According to some opinions, lose weight, sister Kim lost individuality. On such opinions from Chloe’s found the answer: “I was too fat, now too skinny. And I like this game”.

By the way!

The most famous of the family Kardashian-Jenner, 35-year-old Kim, this summer was also surprised the fans. For six months she took off 30 pounds! To get rid of the extra pounds after her second pregnancy she is helped physical activity, nutrition, beauty treatments and a corset that reduces the waist, Waist Training! Read more here.

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