В магазине напольных покрытий «ЛигаПол» рассказали об июньских акциях

Specialists of the city shop floor coverings “Megapol” spoke about current promotions that will last until the end of June 2018.

В магазине напольных покрытий «ЛигаПол» рассказали об июньских акциях

A successful hour!

Always nice to get a discount. Share “a Successful hour!” will give an additional discount to all who order the decor of the laminate. To meet the conditions of sentence necessary to order the decor in any day and to call for this in “Megapol” from 12:00 to 15:00.

The complex as a gift!

“Megapol” I appreciate customers who buy laminate flooring quality brands. All buyers FloorWay flooring, My Floor, Kaindl, Kronotex, or Rooms with area from 20 square meters, will receive a free delivery, underlay and skirting with fittings totally free.

Free shipping HARO

The history of the company HARO is more than 150 years of experience woodworking. Buyers of the decor of the laminate of the famous German brand with an area of 30 square meters will get a gift — free delivery in Moscow.

В магазине напольных покрытий «ЛигаПол» рассказали об июньских акциях

The collapse of prices!

Those who will take advantage of the offer of this promotion and acquire laminate E-style Nature, Krono Original Castelo Classic Krono Original Forte Classic, Kastamonu Kastamonu Purple Floorpan or Floorpan Red, waiting for a nice price. Prices listed laminate in Megapol in the framework of this campaign can be found on the company website in the section “Promotions and sales”.

The substrate is a gift to the entire area of purchase

The purchase of any laminate from the range “Megapol” guarantees the right to free substrate.

HDM Elesgo

The German company HDM — author of the technology of polymerization of special acrylic resins on the surface of the laminate. The resin hardens under the action of electron beam and forms a very durable surface. To several items of this brand have a special discount. You can learn about them in the collections of the brand on the company website.

About the company

Laminate — a confident leader among floor coverings in Russia. When the selection should take into account a lot of parameters. Internet shop floor coverings in Moscow company “Megapol” allows you to choose the best coverage for price, brand, collection, illustration, strength, shade, wood and the country-manufacturer.

On the website of the company presents a laminate of several dozen foreign and domestic brands, and all necessary fittings and accessories.

The company regularly delights customers special offers and discounts, offered by professional floor layers with experience not less than 15 years, provides delivery of the ordered products, and so Managers “Megapol” advise clients on any issues that relate to styling, design, laminate, prices, terms of payment and more.