В Москве отметят День Мебельщика

Import substitution in the furniture industry will discuss the Russian furniture manufacturers 9 Jun to Furniture commercial Complex “Grand”.

Representatives of the local factories will tell about their achievements and discuss the advantages over foreign counterparts.

In heated discussions with designers of Russian furniture manufacturers will find out if they can today compete with Western production.

Against the backdrop of increasing exchange rates, which caused growth of prices for imported products, the domestic furniture companies opened the way for the sustainable development of the business. According to experts, the share of Russian manufacturers today is 63%, and physical volumes exceeds 80%. And, according Minpromtorga, the number of domestic companies by 2020 will increase by 5 %.

But can domestic producers to offer interesting design solutions, which can compete with foreign? Whether the label “Made in Russia” is synonymous with high quality and the latest technology? The answers to these questions the furniture business professionals will give round table.

The roundtable will be held June 9, at 12 o’clock. The venue is the “Grand-2”, 2nd floor, cafes Estetica.Speakers of the event will be not only representatives of the furniture industry, but the designer flagships of the market.

The discussion will take the architect Arseny Leonovich, industrial designer Olga Podolskaya, designer Alex White and Ilya MATIC to be asked to the producers pointed questions on the subject of cooperation with designers, quality and service, style and taste, as well as prospects of creating affordable design solutions.

The roundtable will be held June 9, at 12 o’clock.
The venue is the “Grand-2”, 2nd floor, cafes Estetica.

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