Популярные модели велосипедов в 2018 году

The largest Russian network of shops “ul’trasport” introduced popular models like the bikes. More often choose the universal children’s and mountain bikes.

When choosing a bike it is important to decide where it will be used, as each model is designed for specific application conditions. Heavy, durable models with Luggage rack and extended frame is ideal for long camping trips, but in urban areas they lose their benefits.

The hardtail and softely, mountain, sports and tourism, universal or city — in the shops “ul’trasport” you can pick almost any model of the types of bikes. The entire range is in the catalog on the website store: https://ultrasport.ru/velosipedy/.

“Ul’trasport” chose 4 models of bikes that has more than one season remain popular among buyers:

• FORWARD Yukon 2.0 Disk. Model travel bike with aluminum frame. Light, maneuverable and at the same time stable bike. Designed for longer trips with Luggage: there is a solid rim that will withstand the additional weight of the Luggage, and powerful brakes that are quick to react even in rainy weather.

• STELS Tornado 26. Full suspension bike, equipped with two shock absorbers. Perfect for Amateurs, beginners and those who are selected for Cycling on rough terrain.

• FORWARD Buran 1.0. Teenage bike, although suitable for children from 6 years old and taller than 120 centimeters. Reliable: designed for the safe passage of roads with potholes, bumps and curbs. The bike has 6 speeds and brake system V-brake that allows you to easily stop the bike in any situation.

• STELS Wind 16 Z020. A versatile bike, designed for children with height from 105 to 115 inches. As the child grows you can adjust the seat height and steering wheel. Sturdy steel frame helps you pass any obstacle, therefore the model will last more than one season.

About the store:

The network of sports shops “ul’trasport” 25 years of experience in the Russian market. The products include sportswear and accessories, bikes and accessories, scooters, skateboards and roller shoes, goods for hockey and football.

Partners of the network of shops — famous international brands: Fusion, Explore, Bauer, Graf, and others. Working directly with manufacturers, “ul’trasport” to keep the prices of the goods.

In addition to the purchase of sports equipment “ul’trasport” offers its customers services of free service — a Bicycle repair and skate sharpening. In the Department store, you can fix the bike and to fix hockey or figure skates.