Shock! Scientists were paid to those withheld data about the dangers of sugar

Шок! Ученым платили, чтобы те утаивали данные о вреде сахара

It turns out that a scientific study about the effects of sugar on heart funded… the sugar industry!

This discovery was made by scientists from the University of California in San Diego, who presented the results in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. At the disposal of the researchers were documents of the Center for the study of sugar – based organization of the sugar manufacturers of the United States in 1947. Among other things, there was correspondence between the center and a Professor at Harvard University who in the 1960-ies conducted research coronary heart disease. Their results were published in 1967.

Scientists from the University of California concluded that the scientific work was deliberately not shown the role of sugar in the development of heart disease, but the main fault passed on fats and cholesterol. According to them, for such a manipulation of facts, the three Harvard researchers received 50 thousand dollars in terms of today.

“The results of the present study, in 1965, the representatives of the sugar industry sponsored study of coronary heart disease, to conceal early evidence that consumption of sucrose is a risk factor for coronary heart disease, concluded the study authors. — Committees decision-makers in the field of health, it is recommended to give less importance to studies funded by the food industry”.

However, as shown by research specialists at new York University, the impact of the “food lobby” in science is still strong. What in this situation do to us regular consumers? Except to follow the simple rules of healthy nutrition, which, fortunately, not changed over the years.