Джигурда сбрил бороду и сфотографировался голышом

Without gray facial hair, the actor began to look 10 years younger

No sooner had the country to move away from new image of Nikita Borisovich (with a bushy gray beard greeted the actor with no middle name somehow not comme Il faut), as the army again changed. Wise chronicler Nestor, he flick of the razor turned in a pagan God, whether in Chingachgook. Who would now Nikita is not associated with the help of a machine and foam he was rejuvenated ten years. To consolidate the effect, the actor was photographed skinny dipping and have demonstrated a beefy torso.

The public is so used to the beard Dzhigurda that at first I didn’t recognize in gladkovybrityh man with sharp cheekbones and determined chin of the wizard infernal words. To say that getting rid of the white like snow, tow, the actor has changed, don’t say anything. Without surgery, he dropped a dozen short years, without losing in brutality. The metamorphosis of his face, the poet-symbolist immediately sounded across the page in a social Network. Smooth cheeks Nikita made the Internet a bombshell. The opinion of fans was divided. Someone expressed admiration and found in a new way Dzhigurda something from the leader of the Comanches. Others complained that together with the beard gone and the power cherdinskaya, like the old Testament Samson. To dispel such offensive assumptions and to demonstrate the powder in their flasks, Nikita was photographed completely naked. Location for a picture in the Nude impressive: riddled with tattoos naked body Dzhigurda in the center of a magic circle of candles. In his right hand he holds a skull, like hamlet, in the left – iPhone, like Kim Kardashian. And around icons, crocodiles and phalluses. In General, it is necessary to see once.