Нагиев шокировал поклонников разбитым лицом

From the appearance of the actor’s blood run cold

Puffy eyes, numerous bruises, bleeding scratches all over his face, a huge lump on his forehead… Terrible sight. Not as we used to see a handsome glossy Dmitry Nagiyev. And here… I feel like an actor for a long time and frantically thrashed his head kicked in or the fans of the stars, or participants that do not pass the blind auditions. “Who are you?”, “Lord, for what?” “Horror!”, “Poor” is the number of sad comments on the page of Dmitry thousands…

If not an election, this could be the main topic of discussion in the country. Dmitriy Nagiev has posted a shocking video. Terribly beaten, but unbroken actor, proudly strutting to the song of Oleg Gazmanov “Fresh wind”. Even the sight of one eye (the second was badly damaged and does not open), the actor demonstrates a complete disregard for the offenders and his courageous spirit. Mutilated face, poured 50 shades of red. His mouth curved in a contemptuous smile. For a couple of hours the video has been viewed over a million people.

Fans Nagiyev wrote a lot of warm words in support of the victim of the actor: O!!!! No!!! No!!! Not the face!!!! No!!!! Smart, intelligent!!! How are we going to watch them?!!! One eye or what!!!! Urgently chicken out of the fridge for the whole face!!! And after three days the vodka compress. Two times a day. So treat bruises – said a friend of the doctor the traumatologist. And even in extreme cases it is necessary to wear a helmet of Judoist. Take care of public property, Dmitry! You are responsible for it. We live with this person. Have pity and get well faster.” Not so impressionable fans speculated that traces of a beating or a bad collision with the regular bus no more than make-up. Most likely, for the new season Coach. If so, Nagiyev beaten played just fine.

As the President of the League of superheroes, will say: “God bless gravity”

Video posted by Dmitry Nagiyev (@nagiev.universal) Sep 17 2016 at 6:49 PDT