Halle berry admitted that beauty hindered her career

Холли Берри призналась, что красота мешала ее карьере

50-year-old actress didn’t want to give the role due to the appearance of the model.

While most honor women around the world are scratching their heads on how to achieve the ideal of beauty, a 50-year-old star says that she had to suffer because of their appearance.

“I came to cinema from the world of beauty pageants and modeling. As soon as people find out about this, then immediately dumped me out as an actress,” complains Holly.

The actress had to fight for her role in the movie “jungle fever” because the Director did not see berry in this role because of her looks.

“Spike wanted me to be on the role of his wife in the film, and I did it quite well. But then I told him I would like to try more on the role of Vivian, to which he replied that he did not see me in this way. After that, I went to the bathroom and washed off the makeup. When he returned, again asked him to give me a chance to read the desired role. Spike told me to do it, and eventually I got the role of Vivian – it was a great way to start a career.

Lee Daniels didn’t want me to came to the casting in “monster’s Ball”. He didn’t even allow the thought that I can play there. My argument was that a person with any appearance can be problems and feelings. I explained that my appearance didn’t help me to avoid pain and difficult moments. I also said that much more interesting to watch a man who is struggling with their own problems,” said the actress about the problems in the beginning of her acting career portal E!

By the way, during his career, Holly played dozens of different roles and handled them perfectly.

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