Шок: из кожи знаменитого дизайнера сошьют одежду

Lady Gaga in her meat dress comes to Smoking aside. In Britain going to sew clothes out of… human skin. And we are talking about the famous designer Alexander McQueen, who passed away in 2010.

This is an unprecedented beachfront development by the courage of the idea belongs to British designer Tina Gorjanc. According to the publication Paper, it is planning on the basis of DNA McQueen, to grow “his” skin and make up from her line of jackets and bags. Tina has already filed a patent application and even made samples of future collections while pigskin.

Perhaps this idea to anyone and would not have come to mind, but she “planted” himself, Steve McQueen. As you know, in his first collection Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims he used as the label of your own hair, placed in a transparent plastic. With their help Gorjanc and plans to obtain the DNA of the famous fashion designer.

Of course, to many this idea will seem empty shocking, but it is not so simple. With this collection, Tina wants to convey an important idea about how we are all helpless in the face of modern technology without the necessary legislative framework.

“If a student like me was able to patent the use of biological material of Alexander McQueen, I can only imagine what will be capable of large corporations,” says Gorjanc.

This, of course, difficult to disagree. But more interesting: if the Tina project will be implemented, whether there are brave souls who dare to wear clothes of human skin? But one thing we can be sure that Alexander McQueen, who was known as a lover of provocation, the idea surely would have appreciated.

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