Джей Ло заплатила $1500 за топ, который наденет один раз

Diva wear outright Lacy bra to the presentation of his new songs about world peace.

Jennifer Lopez that day was allocated twice: first when they introduced a new song in memory of the shooting at the club in Orlando (we will remind, then 50 people were killed, 53 were wounded, all victims – representatives of sexual minorities). It was not a sad ballad as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, did not leave the incident without attention, and a fun song.

“She’s in the memory of the survivors, those who escaped, – explained the late singer. — I started writing it eight months ago, but now this song has acquired a new sound.”

A second wave of discussion has caused mixed outfit J. Lo. On presentation, she was in white, as befits the Ambassador of peace and good will. But Lopez would not be myself if I hadn’t exposed the most beautiful part of the body.

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The singer looked, of course, terrific in Lacy bra from the Italian house of lingerie La Perla in leggings with transparent lace inserts of the same brand. True, the attentive fans managed to find out that there is such a weightless garment $1500 and that J. Lo never wears a second time the outfits were. But we answer: can afford. And it concerns not how much cash possibilities, this is clear, how external data. She’s 46? Looking at her abs of steel, I refuse to believe it!

J. Lo now seems to be in top shape and looks better than 10 years ago. No zhirinki extra – just a toned, sculptured body. Look nice!

However, few agreed that this outdoor attire is appropriate on the tragic event. After the presentation of the single “Love Makes the World Go’ was attended by survivors of the massacre and relatives of the victims. However, dissatisfaction is not expressed, and supported the singer. And the song they liked.

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