Ольга Бузова изуродовала фигуру неудачными джинсами

The TV presenter was hit by a wave of criticism at its next failure. This star made a wrong choice of jeans.

Olga Buzova shared with subscribers of his “Instagram picture from the set of the TV project “Dom-2”. She appeared in the outfit in the best tradition of the “rustic chic”. Subscribers stars were surprised by the choice of such an unusual set.

On instagram-photograph of Olga posed in dimensionless jeans-bottoms, Trouser legs which literally dragging along the ground. Presenter complements the outfit in the spirit of the 90s with a black top and a denim jacket, decorated with a star print. Of course, the star immediately came under a barrage of criticism. The majority of subscribers Buzova was surprised by the fashion preferences of their idol. “Jeans are terrible”, “the Village, in a word”, “Dresses Olga, to put it mildly, not very good, but not everyone can midnicht and be stylish,” was the comments under the photo.

Meanwhile, this criticism is not new to Olga. While on holiday in Singapore star has been harshly criticized by subscribers for choosing overly revealing swimsuit.

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