Сябитова объяснила, почему необходимо ревновать мужчин

Host of the show “let’s get married!” shared the secret with his followers on Instagram.

Popular matchmaker rose Sabitova teaches girls to behave with men, not only on the program, but also in his microblog.

Recently Sabitova’s post, which says that jealous men just need. Moreover, if you by nature not a jealous person either, it is such to pretend.

“There is a secret about men: they (unconsciously) want to be jealous. This gives them an understanding of the importance in the eyes of the woman he loved. So, even if you are jealous, I recommend, from time to time to portray a scene of jealousy that he felt that he was your man,” advises matchmaker their podeschi.

Well, there seems to be a line not to cross. And sometimes I will serioese” that the man shouting “Help, murder” and did run away from home!

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