Правила возврата бытового оборудования. Учимся защищать свои интересы

Today purchase complex products online for many of us, become a common norm in which one can really save both time and money. This is not surprising — these shopping search sites like Avicena or Yandex Market offers an impressive range of modern home appliances and various electronic devices. Many advanced buyers know that it is possible to find the most attractive price tags, but a well-functioning system for the delivery of ordered goods to reduce the time between application and receipt of up to a few days.

Today the sellers of household appliances operating on the Internet market, able to attract the attention of buyers really low prices that are 15-25% below the price tag regular stores. However, we cannot exclude a certain percentage of defects that can occur in the first days and throughout the warranty period. Therefore, choosing the Internet TV Smart TV model, or repair the air conditioner with the ionizer, just pay attention to the warranty obligations assumed by the supplier. Ideally, preference should be given to official dealers of renowned manufacturers. Such companies are authorized to accept defective product back, exercise after-sales service and other activities that define civilized relations between buyer and seller.

Refund of domestic equipment requires financial receipts, warranty card, technical passport and the actual device, which should have an immaculate presentation. Many sellers require to keep the original packaging of goods within the entire warranty period, although in recent times such conditions are rare. In any case, the returned equipment should have no signs of repair or misuse.

If we are talking about the return of faulty goods immediately upon receipt of the product, to the package of documents should be made a handwritten statement in which to list the points that did not suit you as a consumer. In addition, it is important to specify the method of refund if you do not want replacement of nonconforming product to quality analogue.

If the defect is manifested in the process of operation, the seller may appoint technical expertise with the subsequent repair. But the restoration of the damaged equipment he has 45 days after the request of the consumer. Within 14 days from the date of purchase, you can return almost all the appliances without any explanation, if salable condition, original packaging and all documents. After this period refund is possible only if reasoned position of the user, which will prove that the fault did not arise through his fault. Free repair is possible and after expiration of the warranty. But for this the buyer will also have to bring proof of the objectivity of occurrence of failure due to factory defects.

It is worth noting that the return of the portable printer will be substantially more complicated, because after printing the first sheets of the device can be considered secondhand. The fact that the marketability of this equipment can be perfect, but as yield, test quite difficult. So sellers advance warning buyers of office equipment of a complicated return and exchange.

The rest of the Law on protection of consumers ‘ rights in most cases, is the guardian of the interests of the buyer. And in order to effectively protect these interests, we must always remember in this article, the rules and guidelines.