Постельное белье

The quality of the linen determines the comfort of sleep, it is, the more comfortable the sleep, the better our health and wellbeing. Therefore, when choosing bedding is so important to pay attention not only to colors, but the quality of the fabric itself.

Of course, it is better to give preference to the underwear made of natural fabrics: linen, cotton, silk. Because we all know that natural fabrics have the property to absorb moisture and allow the skin to “breathe”. Natural fabric is not electrified, as synthetic and therefore does not create discomfort. The quality of the fabric depend on parameters such as strength, thermal protection and breathability.

Постельное белье

Let’s look at the most common types of fabrics for bed linen.

The palm can be safely given to cotton and its varieties. This is the most popular material used for sewing clothes. This is due to the affordable price, practicality and durability of the product. There are a number of types of cotton fabrics, which are used for bedding.

● Linon fabric with a dense weave has a subtle sheen like linen.

● Flannel — a common type of cotton cloth. Flannel is commonly known as the fabric for pajamas, shirts. Due to the fuzzy surface, the material is pleasant to the touch and to the body.

● Voile — perfect for summer clothes and curtains, because it has a thin weave. The fabric is lightweight and “disasta”.

● Poplin — fabric with a pattern in ribbing, used for dresses, home textiles, including curtains.

It is important that cotton is a hypoallergenic material, so bed linen made of cotton is suitable for people prone to allergies. Also, these cotton sets are often chosen for children because, as we mentioned above, this fabric good abrasion resistance, which is important in this case.

A large range of bed linen from 100% natural cotton and its variants, for example, from linen Batiste (linon), Jersey or flannel, presented in the online store bonprix. Here you can find lingerie for every taste from bright and saturated prints to a sober and minimal design. Each set is available in several sizes, which is very convenient, because the parameters of the bed are different. The kits also can choose the practical sheets on the elastic band. The shop also has bedding sets and child. Bright prints with your favorite cartoon characters are sure to delight any child, it is with great pleasure will fall asleep surrounded by cheerful characters. And it’s a great option for a gift: need, practicality and quality.

Постельное белье

Another material that is often used for the manufacture of linen is linen. Flax is considered one of the most durable fabrics that can withstand more than 200 washings and do not lose brightness of the picture. The material itself is quite rough, and therefore absolutely new underwear may seem hard and unyielding, but after a few washes the fabric softens, becomes more comfortable and pleasant to the touch. Online store specializing in home textiles postel-deluxe.ru pleasantly surprised by the wide choice and variety of goods. The site is very simple and clear, and the filter helps to sort the goods and to find the right set. For example, putting a checkmark next to line len, the site will generate a list, which will be presented only bed linen. In the online store regularly held shares and sales, if you sign up for the newsletter, you will always be aware of interesting offers.

Постельное белье

Speaking about materials for bedding, not to mention the premium segment, which includes lingerie made of silk. It is an expensive and high-quality material, true Royal, talking about the high incomes of its owner. Smoothness, Shine and soft natural fiber can give you bedroom a unique atmosphere of luxury. But despite all these obvious advantages of silk is difficult to care for linen, which requires very careful and neat relationship. Linen silk decided to give on important holidays such as wedding, anniversary. If you are looking for a good luxury gift , then pay attention to the shop assortment sozvezdiesnov.ru. The site presents as the premium and category of products at affordable prices.

Постельное белье

Analogue linen of silk can be satin lingerie, but at a more affordable price. Satin resembles the silk, the fabric is quite dense and has beautiful Shine. Satin bed linen boasts high strength and excellent wear resistance. You can purchase it on the same website that is listed above.

Quite often underwear sets, made of calico or printed cotton. But both fabrics are not durable, with each washing of the product to lose shape and fade.

Recently gaining popularity bed linen of man-made fibers. The material is made from natural wood, which is processed to produce fibers. It is the bamboo and tencel are most often used for tissue obtained in this way. Underwear is pleasant to the touch, strong and durable.

Choosing a bed set for the bedroom in the first place should be guided by the quality of the fabric and its properties. But do not forget about the aesthetic component: the more we like a particular pattern, which causes positive emotions, the better to sleep and Wake up. And therefore sleep will be strong and healthy.