Round furniture in China: 5 reasons to go

Тур за мебелью в Китай: 5 причин поехать

Chinese furniture — choice for modern man who is looking for quality furnishings at attractive prices. We will explain why a purchase option situation the best.

Тур за мебелью в Китай: 5 причин поехать

So, here are five reasons to go for furniture in China.

Reason # 1. Benefit

The cost of furniture tour is minimal. And even taking them into account when buying furniture directly from China save you up to 300% in comparison with the prices of retail stores of the city.

Reason # 2. Choice

Today it is difficult to imagine a model of furniture, which would not be in China. Every season produced thousands of new collections of different materials. Empire style, Baroque, classical, hi-tech, loft, country, Rococo are just some of the styles of furniture that are represented in the Chinese market. The designers manufacturers offer both original collections and artful replica. Masters very faithfully replicate the models of furniture known European brands. With consistently high quality of such solutions will be 2-3 times lower.

Reason # 3. Convenient and fast

Furniture tour to China will take only five days. This will be enough time to buy everything you need and even a little acquainted with the province in which you are to choose one of the guided tours to see the sights, if you have the desire. The trip is “turnkey”, so you don’t need to worry about formalities. Experts will help you to get a visa, pick up convenient trip, book a hotel. Shuttle services from the airport, and then provide support services to the factories with a personal driver and interpreter. At the conclusion of contracts with producers will also help, and after check-out assistants will supervise the Assembly process of the order and send it, including the settlement of all the nuances of customs clearance.

Reason # 4. Quality

If you purchase goods in China from a major manufacturer, you can be confident in the reliability and quality of furniture. The situation will last for many years, and its beautiful appearance and functionality will continue over the entire period of operation.

Reason # 5. Warranty

And finally, the furniture tour in China is completely safe. If you go to a reliable company, you can be sure that everything will be organized according to your wishes, in the factories, you will be offered the best prices and shipping of the order will be fulfilled just in time. Please note that credible companies work on a contract that is a guarantor of fulfillment of all obligations.

Everything about the trip over the furniture: