How he builds a frame house company BAKO

Как строит каркасные дома компания БАКО

Company BAKO is engaged in construction of houses and cottages for over 25 years — and gives customers a guarantee of 10 years. For those who have a budget, the experts help to save in a way that is not at the expense of quality and comfort. For those who want a luxury house designers develop exclusive designs, taking into account all wishes and requirements of the client.
BAKO builds eco-friendly and durable homes this means that the company uses materials without toxic substances. The average lifespan of their homes subject to the timely maintenance of systems and support structures — more than 90 years.

Как строит каркасные дома компания БАКО

Как строит каркасные дома компания БАКО

The stages of construction

Cooperation with clients begins with familiarization with the finished project and the terms of the contract. This page presents a variety of options from which you can choose, or suggest your idea for developing a new project.

According to the contract, payment for the construction phased and divided into 4 payments of 25%, which is very convenient and profitable.

  • First, the client enters into a contract with the company and has to make the first payment of 25%.

  • Next payment after laying the Foundation and wiring engineering systems.

  • Third installment after frame erection and installation of street furniture, if it is in the project.

  • The last payment should be paid on completion of works after signing the act of surrender, acceptance of the finished home.

  • At the end of each stage you will come to the site to check the work, if you have comments or feedback, you will tell about them — they will respect and implement.

    Construction time

    On the construction of the frame usually requires no more than 10-15 days, and the production period for the rest of the work is 120 days. In addition, the frame houses can be built at any time of the year, so you don’t have to wait, to wait or move the start of the work.

    If to speak about construction of houses under the key, on average, the whole operation takes 6 to 8 months depending on the complexity of the project. You will be able to move in after signing the act of acceptance of object.

    Why build with BAKO profitable

    Customers will save up to 30% on the cost of materials, the work of specialists and workers, while confident in the quality. The cost of a house is lower than in other construction organizations, through an integrated approach to work and the wholesale supply of building materials. In BAKO are highly qualified specialists — engineers, designers, foremen, superintendents. The company buys building materials directly from manufacturers is the Russian and European plants known in the world market.

    One of the constant partners BAKO is a company, Limbrick. It produces brick and other facing materials. Next, you’ll have more to say about why BAKO is cooperating with this plant.

    How to choose bricks

    If you want to revet a facade with evrokirpich, but you are frightened by the price of the German and other well-known plants, bricks, Limbrick — the best option for price and quality. BAKO working with this company for over 10 years and satisfied with their products and service. In BAKO presents 2 types of kits, one of which included facing the ragged brick color of this brand.

    Plant Limbrick is a Russian manufacturer that uses innovative technologies and equipment. The company always goes to meet clients and partners in situations that require the exchange of merchandise and new supply.

    • The plants are in Russia — and the company is the direct supplier, so you save time and money on the services of intermediaries and delivery.

    • The bricks have high strength and frost resistance, low coefficients of water absorption and thermal conductivity. In addition, we recently launched a new production line, so the quality of the bricks is even better.

    • Managers, Limbrick quick to answer questions, give full details and solve the situation with defective products. In case of defects, supply a new batch. In some cases, if necessary, the specialists of the plant will come to the area where there is construction and on the spot personally check the quality of the materials.

    • Delivery always on time schedule — 10 years of cooperation with the PRESIDENT they never had delays and force majeure, which for a large construction company is important, because contracts with clients — and they plan their move.

    • The big range in the palette are 21 color. Customers have the opportunity to pick up the original colors and textures.

    For BAKO, Limbrick became a permanent partner, and the company appreciates cooperation with this plant, therefore, recommends it as a reliable supplier who never fails and provides quality products.

    Want to build a environmentally friendly house cheaply and quickly — so that it was warm and cosy in winter and cool in the summer? Contact BAKO, the company is building these homes, and helps select and / or design the project and implement the most interesting ideas.