Качественная дверная фурнитура: выбираем, опираясь на результаты испытаний

Repair exciting time for everyone. It has a huge amount of money, moral and physical forces, emotions. Every detail of the interior is chosen with great care and care to serve for many years, so attention to quality of materials should be the closest.

Качественная дверная фурнитура: выбираем, опираясь на результаты испытаний

Try to count how many times a day to open and close doors in Your apartment — dozens, in large families and hundreds of times a day. On the door handles in the operation have a very large load. The handle must withstand the power of influence, and its coating to be resistant to mechanical damage. If the first parameter problems arise infrequently, with the index of abrasion much more complicated. There are cases when the owners of new homes, excitable as its interior creature, pick up to the doors of expensive hardware and subsequently witness how the handle turns into a miserable shabby product and require replacement after a few months.

This is despite the fact that the hardware now dear: a set of handles can cost in 2 000, and 5 000 rubles, and the sets need a few.

What is the reason for the rapid loss of the appearance of the door furniture?

Despite regular cleaning in the air always remain a tiny, invisible particles of dust that will eventually settle on all surfaces, including on our door handles. When you press the handle these mikrochastitsy damage the coating, not to mention the rings scratching the surface. The ability to resist this type of impact is called abrasion.

How to choose the door handle so that it will cover as long as possible retained its original appearance of scuffs and scratches? Are there any criteria for assessing the quality of door hardware? How not to get disappointed in choosing this important detail?

Similar topics dominate the forums, and the various myths about the durability of the cover handles become real advertising tools in the struggle for the buyer.

Качественная дверная фурнитура: выбираем, опираясь на результаты испытаний

It is actually very simple. Resistance of the coating to mechanical damage is determined by the test for abrasion. The test is performed according to international standard ASTM D968-05.

The essence of the test coating for abrasion is to determine the mass of sand required to fracture the coating to the substrate.

How is the test coating for abrasion?

The test specimen is placed in a special box and tightly secured to prevent unintentional displacement. Next, sand with uniform speed through the guide tube penetrates into the sample. The test is carried out before until the coating is not damaged to the substrate. Thereafter, the flow of sand is blocked and the test is ended. Used sand carefully weighed. The more pounds of sand withstood the coating, the higher its resistance to abrasion, consequently, the longer the hardware will delight us with her unchanging beauty.

To test

Качественная дверная фурнитура: выбираем, опираясь на результаты испытаний

After testing

Качественная дверная фурнитура: выбираем, опираясь на результаты испытаний

The testing process is interesting

Test results

The most popular door handles have stood the test of sand according to the international standard ASTM D968-05. The comparison was made according to colors, as the properties of the coating of each color is different. Each brand of accessories has shown the result, expressed in kilograms. The research data reflected in the table.

Качественная дверная фурнитура: выбираем, опираясь на результаты испытаний

To summarize

The test allowed to identify the leaders in stability of the coating to abrasion, the attention to the upper lines of the table. Themselves were resistant handles Apecs Premier.

When a more detailed introduction to the collection of door handles Apecs Premier revealed other facts. Found interesting data about testing pens in “salt fog”. This is a fun and exciting name on a quality control standard coating for corrosion resistance. In this test pen Apecs has also shown good results. The test pens in the salt fog. Thus, this hardware has not only the resistance of the coating to abrasion and high resistance to corrosion that allows you to operate the handle in premises with high humidity.

In order to finally verify the correctness of the choice of the winner, it remains to estimate the range and the importance of the design component, which often is a determining factor in our choice. Here Apecs also revealed his primary difference. Collections door handles have an exclusive design models, designed specifically for Apecs.

Качественная дверная фурнитура: выбираем, опираясь на результаты испытаний

These handles are protected by patents, since the company already faced with attempts to copy their copyright decisions. After reviewing the exclusive models more closely, it becomes understandable desire to repeat the success of Apecs — because these pens are really a godsend among all the furniture of the monotony.

Качественная дверная фурнитура: выбираем, опираясь на результаты испытаний

The favorites of the race for the quality of the coating is determined. Apecs company deservedly occupies a leading place. Importantly, this is evidenced by the results of the tests, not loud marketing slogans.