Дом для правнуков

Perhaps every potential homeowner wants to build a quality house, which will faithfully serve not only to himself but also to the next generations. So, erected the “eternal” home.

Дом для правнуков

Phase I. Define with the walls

The most durable material is the stone with him is neither brick nor metal, nor wood. Due to the unmatched strength of stone is quite simple — it is resistant to moisture. Since the destruction of any material is due to its interaction with water. For example, a good modern brick with frost resistance F100, shall withstand 100 cycles of freezing and thawing in the saturated condition. And cycle is the transition temperature at zero, and during the year quite a lot.

But brick not stone, and baked clay, quite naturally, according to its characteristics it is much inferior to the concrete (a mixture of natural raw materials, sand and cement). Even the simple brand M200 has frost 150-200 cycles. When the goal is to build a house that will live to see great-grandchildren, one of the most durable solution may be a monolithic structure of concrete. By the way, high service life different and more budget materials, based on concrete. So, aerated concrete and foam concrete blocks will last 100 years, provided overhaul, after 60 years of operation (replacement of roof, Windows, doors, etc.). About stand for the same housing of brick, but the wood and frame houses, established in the “canadian technology”, alas, can’t compete for longevity, on average, they “stand up” from 30 to 50 years.

Phase II. Choose the Foundation

The type and material of Foundation of the house, other than what you plan to run the wall, is influenced by such parameters as the depth of soil freezing, soil composition and occurrence of the aquifer. As a rule, in the Central part of Russia under the heavy buildings of brick or stone erected strip or slab foundations. Both will fit well in the concept of the “house of ages”, as they are rooted in concrete: the first base is a “band”, which repeats the outlines of cottage and load-bearing walls, and the second monolith. Slab Foundation is not afraid of any earth movements: he moves along with them, protecting designs of the house from destruction (this type of base is even called “floating”). Also a significant influence on the resistance of the Foundation to loads having a tough reinforcement throughout the carrier plane — it helps the house to withstand natural processes such as freezing, thawing and subsidence.

Based on these characteristics, it is obvious that, if the house is not planned to do the basement, you should build a slab Foundation — it will last a long time. In the opposite situation, when the homeowner plans to build a basement, suitable tape base.

Phase III. Put the roof on

After the Foundation and walls, comes the erection of the roof. And here, too, is not without its stone, though slightly modified, namely, slate. This material is considered to be the survivor — possible lifetime slate roof is more than 250 years. The only drawback is that the sheathing and rafters needed for the erection of the roof shall be constructed of quality wood. Otherwise, these elements will cease to properly deal with its functions, and then there is the need for reconstruction or repair of the roof.

You can use the more available solutions: for example, one of the most durable of the materials is Onduline, it is used to create a soft roof and is a processed from two sides with bitumen, glass, canvas. The life of the roof of Ondulin is 60 years.

Among durable can be attributed to the slate: it can withstand inclement weather and resistant to temperature changes. Such a roof will last without repair and replacement of about 40-50 years. The same amount will last and popular metal, if you cover it with plastisol or polyurethane. But other types of coating on metal will last for a relatively short time — from 15 to 30 years.

Stage IV. Shielded construction

We have to admit that even if all of the design of cottage is made from the most durable materials, and insulation for them it is a bad or non-existent as a species — to the great-grandchildren house definitely will not last.

Дом для правнуков

One of the most durable insulation materials, stone wool is considered to be. It is based on rocks of basalt group, through which the material is durable and environmentally friendly. Slabs of stone wool over the years, not deformed, not shrink, and the thickness of the insulation layer is not reduced. The life of the material is at least 50 years. In addition, on the market there are products that will last more than a century — for example, the heater LIGHT BATTS SCANDIC from ROCKWOOL. It is used for insulation of all frame structures: walls, pitched roofs and attics; walls and ceilings; balconies, baths and saunas. To correctly calculate the required number and thickness of insulation can be yourself using the calculator http://calc.rockwool.ru/.

Дом для правнуков

So the stone wool insulation has served as long as possible, together with the insulation installed will protect you also vapor-permeable membrane ROCKWOOL for the walls and for roofs. They are mounted directly on the insulation cold side plate and protect from blowing wind and from the falling drops of moisture that have passed through the outer finish. In addition, it is recommended to use a vapor barrier for roofs, walls and ceiling. This solution is designed to protect building structures and the insulating layer from the vapor passing from the interior. And the strong, and therefore durable option —hydroperoxidation membrane. Due to resistance to ultraviolet light and high strength characteristics of hydroperoxidase ROCKWOOL can be used even as a temporary coating for waterproofing walls and roofs (3-4 months).

Дом для правнуков

Stage V. Engaged in the decoration of the facade

The decoration of the facade of the cottage for the grandchildren should not concede on durability to any of the other elements of the building. Often the proponents of “eternal” materials make a choice in favor of ceramic tiles made by natural clay-based, or decor made of natural stone.

Increasingly, homeowners want to stand out from the hundreds of identical houses at the expense of bright colors and unusual shapes. These wishes, along with durability, were taken into account in the development of the unique ROCKPANEL cladding boards. Panels are made by extrusion of rock wool on the front side is covered with decorative paint. The choice of colors is huge: the range of Colours — over 100 colours. In addition, there are panels that mimic the pattern of wood or metal covering. Every homeowner will definitely find the necessary solution for the facade, which will last at least 50 years.