Правила выбора сантехники для маленьких санузлов

Massive buildings from the Soviet era, unfortunately, we did not expect large areas under these premises. Conducting capital repairs of toilets, we very often have the initial data it is these small square: 1, 2,2, 3 sq. m. And the smaller the space, the harder it is to plan and coordinate our desires with our possibilities.

Правила выбора сантехники для маленьких санузлов

The first thing you need to pay attention when planning the space of the bathroom — it’s ergonomics rules. It is very important to place the external unit so that they were easy to use. Those who are planning to make repairs without designer I recommend to pay attention at least on the basic parameters:

  • the minimum distance from the edge of the toilet to the wall or to another external device must be not less than 20 cm, for convenient use of bidet is the distance a few more — 25 cm
  • free distance in front of the bathroom must be at least 75 cm to 90 cm and the same distance is recommended before shower and if the shower tray in the corner, the aisle width must be not less than 70 cm
  • functional distance in front of the washing machine it is recommended to leave 90 cm by 60 cm

Правила выбора сантехники для маленьких санузлов

If you violate these rules the most frequent errors become

  • the lack of opening doors, drawers furniture storage, doors, washing machines
  • protruding in a doorway furniture
  • inconvenient location of the toilet and bidet is too close up against the wall.

The second thing you need to consider when planning a bathroom — you can leave free the center and then the room will look more spacious. If the bathroom is reserved a long and narrow room, then you should break it up into functional areas.

Of course, the possibility of placement in the bathroom depend primarily on the location of the main communications, the height of the outlet of the sewer riser, the material from which made this sewer riser, and in each individual case the possibility of the location of the toilet( skidding , turning), placing water heated towel rack, the pallet height of the podium of the shower cabin, the location of the drain, I recommend to coordinate with specialists (engineers, foremen).