Личная жизнь Геннадия Заволокина (жена, дети)

Gennady Zavolokin known as a composer, musician and poet. He also created and for many years led a popular TV program “Play, an accordion favourite!”. The wife of Gennady Zavolokina directly participated in the founding of this transmission.

Family and personal life of Gennady Zavolokina

Svetlana Kazantseva after marriage took her husband’s name. It is noteworthy that the first, together with her husband on the transmission it worked, and then the children of Gennady Zavolokina were involved in a shooting.

Personal life of Gennady Zavolokin was tied to the only and beloved wife, and their two children: Zachary and Anastasia. Their biographies formed a remarkably similar way, perhaps the role played by the fact that they are almost from infancy was surrounded by people who connected their lives with creativity.

		Личная жизнь Геннадия Заволокина (жена, дети)

Gennady, Svetlana and their children

Svetlana Zavolokina, the wife of Gennady, was the producer of the TV show, and Zach at fourteen years old became interested in shooting process and took on the role of one of the operators. TV played a big role in the personal life of the son of Gennady Zavolokina, and, after studying at the Institute of culture, received the profession a Director of photography. After working for some time in this direction, he became co-host of his sister in the program “Play, an accordion!”.

		Личная жизнь Геннадия Заволокина (жена, дети)

Anastas and Zakhar

Environment cameras had an impact on Anastasia. She enrolled in theatre school and easily combined training with the filming of the project parents, where they sang Russian folk songs, and then became the instructor for transmission. Now Anastasia Zavolokin continues his father’s work. She is a popular singer in the folk genre, and also manages the family ensemble “the Chastooshka”.

In 1995, the girl was married to Vladimir Smolyaninov, the marriage with whom she had five children. Four of them have already chosen the approximate direction of their biographies and participate in the ensemble “the Chastooshka”.


In the summer of 2001, the year in the Novosibirsk region was tragically killed composer Gennady Zavolokin. The cause of his premature death was a car accident. To honor his memory near the accident site was erected a chapel, on whose territory a few years later, a monument to the musician. Gennady Zavolokin is depicted with his famous accordion and cat harvesting its side.

		Личная жизнь Геннадия Заволокина (жена, дети)

Monument To Gennady Zavolokina

The death of men was a blow for the whole family, and since then for his children one of the main goals was to keep memory of his father and his work.

In the village of New Sharap near the scene of the accident, was organized by the Museum in which are kept the things that were in the car Gennady during the Holocaust, and numerous videos of his work, including those taken by him.

Anastasia was the founder of Fund of a name of Gennady Zavolokina, which exists on donations from fans of the family Zavolokin. All the money spent on the organization of festivals and other events dedicated to the musical heritage left by her father.

		Личная жизнь Геннадия Заволокина (жена, дети)

Anastasia performing at one of these festivals

In 2001 Anastasia was the chief editor of the journal, named the same as the transfer “Play, an accordion!”. The book talks about modern art, which is dominated by Russian folk motifs.