Wife Sobyanin Sergey Semenovich

Wife Sobyanin Sergey Semenovich

Sergei Sobyanin several times received the post of mayor of Russia’s capital, and recently won again in the elections of the mayor of Moscow. Prior to that, he was the mayor of Kogalym, a Deputy of the Duma Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and first Deputy presidential envoy to the Urals Federal district. The wife of Sergei Sobyanin met with him when it was impossible to say that he will become a prominent politician.

Nationality Sergei Sobyanin belongs to the Mansi – the indigenous people of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. There, in Kogalym, he met his future wife.

Here, as Irina says: “I went there after I graduated, and he’s already at that time was Deputy Chairman of the village Council.”

Then one could not think that a very ordinary town becomes a modern city.

Wife Sobyanin Sergey Semenovich

Sergei Sobyanin in his youth

Irina worked together with her older sister Sobyanin in the construction Department, she brought the young together. After six months of courtship Sergey got down on one knee and proposed to Irina the hand and heart.

The wedding was to take place on 23 February 1986 and the time for preparation was enough, but at the last moment all the worries fell on Irina. The fact is that because of the accident at the heating line many houses were left without heating and hot water that uploaded Sergey work beyond measure. A positive line in his biography is the fact that he spared no effort to rectify the situation, and promptly returned home to the warmth.

The wedding ceremony took place at the appointed time, and later Sergei Sobyanin told my wife that the feeling of accomplishment I had for him best gift for the occasion.

In marriage were born two girls: Anna and Olga. Their biographies are carefully hidden from the omnipresent media, politics and the desire to protect their children from Intrusive attention is understandable.Wife Sobyanin Sergey Semenovich

Sergey and Irina

Despite the constant trips Sobyanin around the country, connected with its activity, the family has long remained strong, and the days when the husband and father was home, was the happiest.

From domestic details Irina has told that Sergey is a passionate hunter and fisherman, but most of his big hobby is work. Even on vacation he always solved any issues and rushed back to the city.

As Siberians by nationality, Sergei love simple hearty dishes of meat and fish pie, which was addicted from childhood.

After marriage Affairs Irina went to the mountain. Across the country there are rumors that she owns a large factory for the production of tiles, and is also the head of the company, ukladyvaya curbs across Tyumen. However, Sergei and Irina, deny such rumors, claiming that Irina works a regular teacher. Who to believe, everyone decides for himself.

In 2014, the couple divorced after almost 30 years of marriage. The official reason was a mismatch of characters – a family for some time lived almost separately, Vidyas only on holidays, not even for those who live trips.

If people start to appear frequently together in public, they will inevitably spread gossip. So it was with Anastasia Rakova, which has openly called the new wife of Sergey Sobyanin. And even on paper he remains single, smoke without fire, so at least some ground for rumors should be.

Wife Sobyanin Sergey Semenovich

Sergey and Anastasia

Anastasia was 22 when she began working with Sobyanin. Then he worked as the Chairman of the Khanty-Mansi Duma, but the girl obviously made a mistake, thinking that he has a promising future in politics.

Soon she became almost the right hand of Sergei, accompanying him in all business trips. If and when Sergei Sobyanin was the wife, angry languages, though something restrained, after their divorce, rumours about the long novel that destroyed a family, went with renewed speed.

In 2010, before the divorce, She went on maternity leave. Husband she was not, Sergei himself said he did not live with his family…

These two facts were quickly tied, and all firmly believe: the mayor is the father of the newborn girl.

You can’t blame the charity, which is the rumors, of course, came in the first place, that she quickly gathered her things and went abroad, far away from Moscow and ex-husband, around whose name almost created a scandal.

Mythical Roman acquires all new and new, it is absolutely incredible details. Supposedly on the last floor of the building equipped almost kindergarten for the children of officials, where spends his time little girl while her parents are at work. So the informal family spends time together almost around the clock. In comparison with the memories of Irene about how her three year old daughter was happy to hear daddy’s voice on the phone, it all sounds so very stiffly.

Reliable facts can be called that Anastasia Rakova has significantly risen through the ranks and now occupies the post of Deputy mayor.

Wife Sobyanin Sergey Semenovich

Sergey and Anastasia in the service