Sergei Mikhalkov: a wife and children. The personal life of the writer

		Сергей Михалков: жена и дети. Личная жизнь писателя

Sergei Mikhalkov with youth created an impression of yourself as nagitana interesting person. As you know, women love with ears, so no wonder he was spoiled by attention from the opposite sex. However, few know that the first wife of Sergei Mikhalkov was his senior by ten years.

Natalia Konchalovsky – the first wife

The daughter of the artist Pyotr Konchalovsky, Mikhalkov had to care for a very long time. Despite his fine words about the elegance and beauty of the lady, the woman was in no hurry to marry him. She herself was confused by the big difference in age, besides, she already had a daughter from his first marriage. But in the end, Mikhalkov was able to persuade her to marry him, and then adopted a little Catherine.

		Сергей Михалков: жена и дети. Личная жизнь писателя

Sergei Mikhalkov in his youth

Their marriage was strong and happy. Joint personal life has lasted for 53 years until the day when Natalia died in 1988. To the last they remained fond of each other, and regarded her his Muse and inspiration. It is the love for her children and allowed him to create so many wonderful works for the children.

They had two sons: Andrey and Nikita. Children by Sergei Mikhalkov from his first marriage had linked their biographies to movies, becoming famous film Directors. Nikita Mikhalkov known brother, his audience know on such films as “Burnt by the sun” and “the Barber of Siberia”, many of his films became cult.

		Сергей Михалков: жена и дети. Личная жизнь писателя

Sergei Mikhalkov with his sons

Nine years after the death of his wife Sergey Mikhalkov didn’t let anyone in my personal life. Many thought that this is because of advanced age, but in 1997, he surprised everyone by marrying Yulia Subbotina.

Julia Subbotina – last wife

This time the age difference between spouses was more than 40 years.

As recognized by Sergei Mikhalkov, he was afraid that Yuliya’s parents are against their marriage.

They met quite by accident in one of the crowded cafes, where Sergei lost to the woman place. She had made an impression on him, and at first it was strictly friendly. At the time she graduated from MEPhI and worked on a doctoral dissertation. By profession Julia is a physicist, like her dad Valery Subbotin. To spend more free time with her husband, she refused from the idea to defend the thesis. Before you meet Sergei, she was already married, and from her first marriage she had a son.

		Сергей Михалков: жена и дети. Личная жизнь писателя

Sergei Mikhalkov and Julia Subbotina

Offer hands and hearts was very prosaic, however, and the lovers were for a long time not teenagers, so Mikhalkov invited Subbotina to create a family.

Of course, such a large age difference could not be the reason for a variety of rumors. Many said that it was a marriage of convenience that Yulia is known and income of her husband. But his wife, and Sergey Mikhalkov rejected even the thought of such a scenario. Their activities did not overlap, Julia did not need to be published, and proceeds from the sales of books not too exceeded her own, to talk about some material gain.


The sons and even grandsons of Sergei Mikhalkov continue to glorify his name.

Eldest son Andrew was married five times, at the moment is married with Julia Vysotskaya. All he has five children, one of whom is actor Yegor Konchalovsky. Also the Director grow 8 grandchildren.

		Сергей Михалков: жена и дети. Личная жизнь писателя

Andrei Mikhalkov and his wife Julia Vysotskaya

Nikita Mikhalkov besides being engaged in film directing, is an actor, writer and producer. His films have received many honors and awards, and the film “Burnt by the sun” has received international acclaim and an Academy award.

The youngest son of Sergei Mikhalkov was twice married, now his wife is Tatiana Mikhalkova.

		Сергей Михалков: жена и дети. Личная жизнь писателя

Nikita Mikhalkov and his wife Tatiana

His son, Stepan is engaged in the restaurant business, and his daughter Anna is also interested in cinema and is a famous actress. In one of her new films she played together with Konstantin Khabensky.

		Сергей Михалков: жена и дети. Личная жизнь писателя

Frame from the film “Selfie”

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