Совершенная спальня с текстилем WESS

Brand WESS Russian companies Santonit presented the textiles for the bedroom, developed jointly with citizens and the professional decorator.

To simplify the search of the perfect mix between the window decor and the beds — so the problem is solved in the development of the collection of curtains, net curtains, bedspreads and decorative pillow covers brand WESS.

A textile design is distinguished by the attention to detail. Textures, ornaments and paintings complement rather than repeat each other, creating a complete and multifaceted image.

7 textile collections for real people

To create textiles for the bedroom, the experts of the brand called for the world’s best exhibition and production. Thus was born the 3 of the collection: Balance, Brilliance, Romantic.

To develop 4 collections — Energy, Harmony, Illusion, Serenity had conducted an unusual experiment. Petersburgers, who just made repairs, was invited to participate in the project. To reveal the complexity of the choice and needs to link their minds into one and create the result a beautiful collection which could easily to provide, in real homes, helped St. Petersburg art critic and decorator Tatiana Petrova.

I like the idea that design is an opportunity to create people a better life. The idea of textile collections for the bedroom WESS is to offer people a clear and simple tools to change the interior, so to make their life better, more beautiful and more harmonious.
Tatiana Petrova, art historian, designer.

Oriental style


Совершенная спальня с текстилем WESS

The collection creates the illusion of a Eastern painted boxes, combining a rich variety of ornaments and rich colors. Characteristic of ikat and Moroccan quatrefoils fill your bedroom with Oriental flair and create a warm and lively interior.

In our latitudes do not get enough sun and colors. I remember as a child I loved to look for treasures. I once found her grandmother’s box with these “pirate treasure”. Glow jewelry and gold lit the room with bright tints as in the movie, but brought me into a real delight. Collection Illusion creates the same impression. Opening the bedroom door, decorated textiles, Illusion, emotions overwhelm you. Possibly, you will feel the hot breath of the Mediterranean or remember about the holiday and wonderful Eastern flavour.
Vladimir Lavrukhin, member of the project for the development of collections Illusion.

In the collection of the Illusion expertly blends the modernity and authenticity of the East. The main violin plays a traditional Oriental ornament ikat in a modern design. In the East ikat at all times was considered a sign of wealth. Today, this intricate with the blurred contours of the pattern has become a fashionable trend used by famous designers and fashion designers in clothes and interior.

Modern style


Совершенная спальня с текстилем WESS

The lifestyle collection is created for those who love stylish living. It connected bright colors and kaleidoscopic drawings, embodying the energy of life. Collection of Energy emphasizes the originality and modern style of the bedroom.

— When I was doing home repairs, I’ve deliberately avoided bright colors. In the end, in my apartment, everything was neutral beige. The situation I intended to correct with the help of curtains. It was at this point I was asked to participate in the development of collections of textiles. In order to give vitality to the monotony of the beige, I decided to add speakers in the form of modern patterns, purple, yellow and grey colors.
Albina Galimova, a member of the project to develop a collection Energy.

The fabrics of the collection attracted the attention of a combination of large graphic pictures and bold colors. Dynamic drawing smoothly curved lines creates the illusion of three-dimensional images — a method popular in modern interior design.


Совершенная спальня с текстилем WESS

Neutral color scheme and minimalist drawings in the collection accentuate the simple style and maximum comfort contemporary bedroom.

In the collection of the Balance the spirit of minimalism and courageous restraint. A simple geometric pattern combined with colors of dark chocolate and neutral gray. Pay attention to expressive playing with the scale. Similar, but different pattern, consisting of geometric lines correct broken tissue curtains, net curtains and stitched bedspreads emphasizes the unity of the overall design.

Classic style

Classic style is represented by two collections: Serenity and Brilliance.


Совершенная спальня с текстилем WESS

The collection embodies calm and serenity. Pastel colors and decorated in a classical style drawings, make the interior of the bedroom is self-sufficient and create the atmosphere of comfort.

Cloth curtains and pillow covers has a subtle and sophisticated textured pattern, which is repeated in the quilting bedspreads. Flowing curls on a transparent veil of tulle create the effect of soft movement. Silvery-gray and smoky blue are perfectly combined with each other, forming an elegant interior, where everything breathes peace and quiet. If you bend the edge bilateral bedspreads, you get an additional distinctive touch to your bedroom ensemble.


Совершенная спальня с текстилем WESS

The collection carries the luxury features of the classics. The designs and colors emphasize the elegance and grandeur of style, which is not subject to fashion and remains relevant at all times.
Shades of white gold and turquoise, unobtrusive Golden sparks in pattern fabrics curtains create an atmosphere of refined elegance. Graceful decor vignettes repeated in fishnet veil that creates a sense of ensemble is required for a truly classic interior.

Country style


Совершенная спальня с текстилем WESS

Collection country style gives the feeling of coziness and harmony at home. Floral print patchwork make bedroom decor charming and cute. With a collection of Harmony city life goes by the wayside.

The idea is to recreate a cosy country house in the apartment prompted the use of country style in the design of the bedroom. The center of the collection was the veil, reminiscent of grandmother’s quilt “patchwork”, executed with a contemporary colour scheme.
Olga Nazarova, participant of the project on the development of the collection Harmony.

Watercolor floral pattern curtains and translucent veils the interior will add softness and freedom. The highlight of the collection is the Harmony bedspread in patchwork style, made in the technique of printing that brings a touch of retractility in modern interior of a room. Pechvork motifs and floral decorations in the spirit of the 1970-ies became one of the fashion trends in recent years.



Charming collection inspired by the Romantic nature of Provence.

The collection is Romantic, feminine and romantic. Used for curtains fabric with a charming floral pattern and delicately drawn details. Openwork mesh pattern tulle will delight your eye on a Sunny day. Soft and cozy quilted throw with contrast stitching promises a quiet and peaceful night. You should pay attention to the bright coloured edging bedspreads. He’s like a cheerful Sunny Bunny adds a playfulness in romantic bedroom decor.

All the collections presented on the website wess.ru.