Как выбрать паркетную доску: акцент на породу древесины

Parquet flooring is a gorgeous flooring, which perfectly combines the natural beauty of natural wood with the innovative developments in the field of production. Usually this unique material attracts the average consumer not only for its natural texture, but also the noble appearance.

How to choose the floorboard?

At home worker when choosing a good flooring often there are difficulties associated with the lack of experience of such work. Parquet Board is a special material, in the purchase process which you need to take into account the many nuances. Many people place too great hopes on the assistance of a consultant, but not always their expectations to expert help is justified. It is much easier to familiarize yourself with some features a parquet Board. If a person will own a specific set of important information relating to the purchase floor covering then repair, which he started, will pass without much hassle and problems.

Features a selection of wood flooring: wood species

Reputable manufacturers put on the market of floor coverings, many varieties of massive and parquet Board. Its surface can represent virtually any wood species — European, American and exotic African. The final choice will affect not only the personal preferences of the initiator of the repair, but also its financial possibilities. In the process of buying it is important to remember that any wood breed has a specific set of inherent characteristics that can affect comfort level when operating the floor.

Among the most popular species of wood are quite rightly beech, wenge, cherry, walnut and maple. Oak has excellent strength characteristics, which will make the topcoat is resistant to various influences. Buy floorboard manufactured using oak raw materials, can not all, because this material is quite expensive. The appearance and properties of the high quality of the final cover will cover all costs, but the final decision will be made by the buyer, carefully weighing all the pros and cons.

Wooden Board, the surface of which is a layer of oak timber, will never lose their original quality. Its service life can reach fifty years. The second important characteristic of wood is its stability. Is the preservation of linear dimensions, even in humidity.

Many people want to buy oak parquet, because the material is not susceptible to the adverse effects of the various conditions in the room. For example, this floor never sags because of the spike in temperature regimes. In addition, the oak Board does not crack and does not deform. All these indicators are evidence of its indispensability.

Parquet Board made of beech — this floor, featuring a neutral colour decor. Most homeowners would like to buy floorboard from beech wood to finish the floor in the nursery. This approach can be considered as correct and rational.

When choosing beech parquet boards should remember that its stability is not too high. If the room is the percentage of moisture content is exceeded, will increase the probability of destruction of the structure of the top cover. Now there is a special kind of parquet Board made of beech. In the production process of this unique material goes through several stages of processing, through which the coating acquires its own original and unique texture.

The answer to the question of how to choose the floorboard, turned out to be extremely simple. Every homeowner, based on the above information, will certainly make the right choice of material for the floor.