Первый ремонт в новостройке: правильный порядок работ

Recently, our compatriots, trying to save their savings, rushed EN masse to buy up property. Popularity of apartments in new buildings. The excitement soon slept, and housing need to be repaired.

And it would be nice, now to refresh your memory, the order of repairs. To deal with the issue will help the head of the Studio design and construction Fefelova Irina.

So let’s talk about the tentative plan of future work.

1. The first thing you need to start is to buy a budget plumbing: the toilet and the sink. Choose the simpler options, not to worry for their safety and the victim of mixes appearance.

2. But on a good and reliable the front door is not worth saving. Frequent break-ins of apartments with the subsequent removal of construction materials and tools.

3. The first repairs in a new apartment — electrical — because the tool needed somewhere to connect. You can choose a suitable option: to make grooves in walls for cables or hide it under the gypsum blocks. The basic rule — making, primarily safe to not short circuited, and the beautiful rosettes will consider later.

4. The light we have, now is the time to think about the heat or radiators. Surely the developer had installed a cheap battery if they are quite satisfied, you can not change anything. But most new owners still establish cuter and poeffektivnee, with regulators and proven manufacturers. Work on the replacement radiators are not difficult and they can be postponed to a later date, inviting professionals.

5. But without the next stage can not do is screed. The job is messy and time consuming. Often the floors are far from ideal, so the alignment of a required item of repairs to the building.

6. So, a flat floor we have. Now is the turn to the walls. Some start with replacement Windows. But we do not advise, you will regret it and not just when you’re to scrub plaster and putty with brand new Windows. Prepare wall for painting or Wallpaper, it’s time to fix the rails for the panels.

7. Gender — there. On stage — the ceiling.

8. And only now replacing Windows. At first glance, what could be easier, is simple enough, but still not to regret about it in the first winter, order the Windows in a proven company, and not stingy to pay for the installation.

9. While were working on installation of Windows, dried up the ceiling. You can begin to paint, whitewash or the installation of panels.

10. To the premises has acquired a residential appearance, you can install the door, to start at least in the bathroom and in the toilet. And to Refine the trim and sills after the completion of rough-in work.

11. Before finishing the walls, you need to finish all the dirty work. It’s time to choose the material for the floor. This could be parquet, laminate or linoleum or ceramic tile.

12. Further, the walls. The most popular option for rooms, course, Wallpaper, and bathrooms and backsplash in kitchen — ceramic tile or mosaic. And in order not to dirty the floors, cover them with paper or Newspapers.

13. And we are finally at the finish line. Solemnly buy a beautiful and cozy chandelier, beautiful switches and sockets, skirting boards, thresholds, trim, eliminate minor defects and errors.

In order to cope with all of the above for a month, but in the mind, it is better to spend 2-3 months, allowing to dry well walls.

Thank you for the advice of the designer Irina Fefilova.