Tamper — effective assistant in road works

Виброплита — эффективный помощник при дорожных работах

Plate compactor is a versatile, highly efficient and highly productive equipment that are used in the process of renovation and construction at various sites, and also for laying coverings on roads and sidewalks. It has a rather high cost. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of the facility, many construction companies and individuals, I prefer to take this equipment to rent. This possibility in SPb is a firm “Construction resources”.

Виброплита — эффективный помощник при дорожных работах

Plate in stock of the said company, have many advantages. These include compact dimensions, high mobility and ease of use, versatility. They can be used in cramped conditions, for example, when working in trenches and in close proximity to buildings and large areas. The principle of operation of this equipment consists in a special rotation of the eccentric shaft, which is carried out by means of a powerful engine. As a result of this process creates the vibration waves. They contribute to the removal of moisture and air that seals the material and reduces the number and size of voids.

On site rental of plate compactors is available at an affordable cost. Benefits is obvious. They consist in the following aspects:

  • savings of financial costs.
  • the choice of the equipment with the required performance;
  • no need for the implementation of repair activities and maintenance;
  • no need in special premises for storage of equipment.

Activity of the company “Building Resources” is not limited to the provision of vibratory rollers rentals. The company also sells a large range of construction equipment like compressors, welding and heat-exchangers, mixers, lighting units. The company sells and offers rental scaffolding and tower tours. She has stairs and ladders, trucks and cars, metal containers. The experts are engaged in developing process maps and project production activities. Explore the full range of services and range of products by visiting the official website. There are also contact details and terms of cooperation.