Управление светом: новые возможности светодиодных лент

In our homes, and into our lives, led strip light walked not so long ago, but had thoroughly naturalized in a variety of interiors — from contemporary to classic. Ease of installation, the ability to put a tape in almost any shape, interesting light and color effects, from decorative contour light to full flood lighting — all this made the led strip a very popular way of illuminating the space.

Управление светом: новые возможности светодиодных лент

But time, as progress is not in place, and already today, manufacturers of led strips, having an upgrade of their products, offer us something quite interesting in the field of led lighting and management.

Modern possibilities of led strips

To push the boundaries of perception of led lighting, as well as to enjoy freedom of choice within a single led strip, we will help the emergence of new types of led strips: RGB+W, WW+CW. What it is and what it will be useful, let’s understand the order.

As it was before? Not so long ago, buying a colored RGB tape, you probably could have a month to enjoy the rainbow effect and to arrange discos, and then played enough, you need to go back to normal white light in the room. For some it’s a very familiar situation, the outcome of which is predictable: people forget about the RGB strips in the house using either the main light or the one most dear to their hearts the color from the RGB line.

Управление светом: новые возможности светодиодных лент

Today, with the advent of strip RGB+W (W —white —white light), in addition to colors, you have the opportunity to choose to have a simple white glow tape. That is, buying one tape, you get the effect of “two in one”: we wanted a holiday — included colorful RGВ glow, he wanted to be all, to their way of life with pleasant white light — enabled White. An additional option would be very useful if in your family there are conservatives who don’t like bright colors and fun. Simply enable them the function of white light and they will be happy!

By the way, the latest led strips, referred to in this article can help to reach consensus and overcome the intractable conflicts in the area of the light -tastes within the same family. As, for example, this new led strip light WW+CW. Let’s decipher this abbreviation: WW — warm white — which means a warm white light and CW- “cold white” — the cold white light.

Refer again to the recent past. If you decide to buy the led ribbon monochrome white light, you, immediately, on the spot, must decide for himself, and agree with all your family members having their own opinion, what color is your glow tape — warm white or cool white.

Attention! The decision-making on this issue may lead to quarrels! We, of course, exaggerating, but now you need not worry: in any case, it’s all in the past.

Управление светом: новые возможности светодиодных лент

Led strip light WW+CW, as you’ve probably guessed, this again is a two in one. Want a warm cozy white glow in the evening and invigorating cool light in the morning — please! No problem. And all this within a single led strip. And want as an artist to mix paint and create your own, with a nice white light? Everything is in your hands!

Remote control light

Comfortable light in the house depends on us! In this case it is absolutely true. All of the foregoing to obey your will, your hands should be a special device to control the led light.

And there are several options. First, the good old remote. In fact, it is a modern, stylish gadget with which you can adjust the color, brightness, choosing the lighting scenario that you need at the moment. Control panels can be both keypad and touch. Agree, it’s nice to sit on the couch and ….. anywhere from it not to get up! While affecting the lighting in a particular area, and even in several zones at the same time!

Управление светом: новые возможности светодиодных лент

For those comrades who always loses the remote, no matter what, you can buy recessed wall-mounted ultra-thin panel. It can easily be mounted in any place convenient for you, even when the house repairs have been completed. Panel functions exactly the same as the remote control, and is suitable for those people who love to find things where they put them — so the panel will not roll under the couch, it will always be on the wall! In addition, you can purchase both of these instrument panel and console. Even if you lose the remote, you will always have a fallback on the wall and the ability to control lighting effects with the ease of a magician.

Управление светом: новые возможности светодиодных лент

For those who cannot part with their smartphone or tablet and takes nothing in hand except their favorite gadgets — also has a solution.

With the help of special applications downloaded to your tablet, and thanks to the wireless Internet, you can control the light in your home using smart phones and computers. You get the ability to affect all the led strip with the ability to adjust lighting scenarios in your house. Moreover, regulation through the computer will allow you to significantly expand its capabilities. Namely:

  • choose the right time to turn on or off the light. In the event that if you fall asleep and forget to turn off the light, or Vice versa want to Wake up fresh and refreshed from the pleasant sunlight, the simulated led tape;
  • the choice of lighting scenarios greatly expanded. In addition, you can create your own unique lighting scenarios;
  • you can limit any rights on light regulation in certain areas. For example, a child or wife. A trifle, but nice;
  • to control an unlimited number of zones in the house.

Управление светом: новые возможности светодиодных лент

Stylish, trendy, youth

To make led lighting more coolest and achieve the desired “wow” effect you will help aluminum profiles for led strips. Profiles can be completely different widths — from 16 to 80mm. They can be embedded in the wall and ceiling to be overhead, corner, pendant. In addition, the aluminum profiles can be joined together in any fancy geometric shapes.

Управление светом: новые возможности светодиодных лент

How does it happen? Just mounted a led strip inside of the profile, close opal diffuser mounted profile where our heart tells us, or designer, and voila — light, ultra-modern interiors ready! Using aluminum profiles, we are opening up a huge scope for creativity and imagination. In General, if you die designer urgently resuscitate him with the help of aluminum profiles for led strips!

We are so different, but yet we are together

Why the need for all these new items, all these additional features in the led strips? How can they be useful to us in everyday life? The beauty is that when there is a choice it is fine, than when it is not at all.

Led strip RGB+W is a vivid example. It’s nice when you have a chance to rest from the riot of colors, switching to white light. Do daily chores with this light is much more comfortable than under the multi-colored flashes.

Управление светом: новые возможности светодиодных лент

And, in addition, led strip, WW+CW or RGB+W for the main lighting in the building have a series of advantages:

  • The possibility of choice. We are all different and the hue of the glow of white light pleasant for each of us is colder or warmer. It is the individual characteristics of each person, and led strip WW+CW help to avoid quarrels and disputes in this matter, thereby making the world a better place!
  • Color mood. Today you want to relax — choose a warm yellow glow 2700K. This light will soothe the eye and the nervous system. And tomorrow you should be in good shape, to work on the result — choose a neutral white light 4200K. This color will cheer up and chase a dream. But if you a great original, and want to feel like a hero of space fantasy, then you will be comfortable cool white light glow with a bluish tint (6000K);
  • The ability to change lighting scenarios without leaving the couch, using the remote control, smartphones and tablets;
  • The ability to adjust the brightness. Guests came — turn the light on full blast, at full power and brightness. This is a smart option. Quiet family evening in front of TV — choose soft muted light.

A nice addition for the need to buy a separate dimmer for brightness control of lighting, because the controllers that are purchased together with tape, designed for varying the lighting color and to adjust brightness of light.

Impressive, comfortable, convenient, modern — all that can be said about the led strips in the last generation. Of course, such a wonderful tape will be very useful not only for home but also for public spaces — cafes, restaurants, offices. No matter where, the important thing is that with this led strip you can feel like a conductor of his own light orchestra.

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