Революционный ремонт квартиры по антикризисной цене

The market offers repair of apartments in Moscow is growing rapidly and aktiviziruyutsya. To observe pricing battle companies and the Olympics discounts may each, considering the billboards on the streets. Mission one is to sell their service. However, the buyer not only need to have repairs in the apartment, he searches for something more: the comfort, coziness and warmth. The company “Titan” makes dreams come true, because she’s not just doing construction and finishing work, and offers a new way of life!

Революционный ремонт квартиры по антикризисной цене

Yesterday it was fiction, today is reality

10 years of flawless operation, more than 700 completed projects, 2 years warranty for each type of work performed, masters with 5 years of experience — all competitive advantages of the company “Titan”. I think that the cooperation with such a firm will cost you dearly? Then 5-15% discount and perpetual action easily debunk this stereotype! Even in conditions of economic crisis, you will be able to just easy transformation of the interior, and to make capital repairs at an affordable price.

How we managed to combine benchmark quality and low cost?

  • Honesty. Price cosmetic or major repairs of apartments and rooms not overpriced. Managers openly talk about the cost of materials and services. In the end, the price agreed initially remains unchanged upon delivery of the object.
  • Experience. Over 10 years of active work the company managed to establish all areas of its activities, to optimize the logistics system and to make good deals with leading companies-manufacturers of construction materials. As a result, the price is not a market, and more profitable for customers.

If you have none, then it is a simulation. However, this is not true of companies “Titan”, the Foundation of which is customer focus. The entire team of professionals carefully studies the client’s wishes, looking at the object of his eyes and running in the first place not with the walls, ceiling or floors, and with people and their dreams.

Template budget repair — it’s too boring, and luxurious and by European standards — very expensive. But we are ready to offer an alternative: elegant apartment repairs at affordable cost! Do not believe? See prices and special offers on our website.