Перестаралась: Леди Гага состарила себя на 10 лет

After a breakup with her fiance, the singer remembered his status as the most shocking, and makeup so that scared everyone away!

Recently legendary singer, 19-time Grammy winner Tony Bennett celebrated his 90th birthday in the company of his longtime girlfriend Lady Gaga. For the holiday the singer has prepared thoroughly: put on all the better and I think I dropped the entire purse.

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A couple of days ago, we admired the Gaga. After breaking up with fiance actor Taylor Kinney, with whom the singer dated for five years, she’s not depressed, but rather took for themselves, lost weight and tightened. And what surprise of fans when they saw Gaga at the party, Tony Bennett.

‘Over-oxidized’ blonde with scorched hair, black as pitch black eyebrows, charcoal eyes outlined with a bold layer of eyeliner and shadows, and crowned with the image of a bright red lipstick. Just a guest with a rural disco 90s! And don’t even say that she’s only 30 years, probably 40!

Outfit of the singer also deserves special attention. For the evening, Gaga chose fashion today, velvet. Of course black. The highlight of the dress with an open back and high neckline on the hem was the lack of underwear. It really took the example of the Volochkova?

On the way from the car to the restaurant Gaga than once flashed a causal place and, their “luck” got into the lens paparazzi.

Now the naked part of the body of the singer travels through the Internet…

Still, being in the status of the bride, Gaga behaved in a more restrained, the outfits were more elegant, make-up emphasized his youth, and now she turned into her character – a vampire from “American horror story”.

It seems that the depression from the breakup with her fiance, the singer is still there.

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