Рене Зеллвегер вышла в свет грязными волосами

The actress shocked visitors to the charity Banquet her stale appearance.

Yesterday at the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly hills hosted a charity Banquet of the Hollywood foreign press Association. Called for the evening, Mel Gibson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Justin Timberlake, Emma stone, Hugh Grant and Renee Zellweger. To her-and was riveted all attention. So bad actress never looked never…

Apparently, the star of “Bridget Jones’s Diary” tried to create an image of a girl who did not sit for hours in front of a mirror with a Curling iron and a full Arsenal of makeup and just woke up beautiful and slightly combed his hair and went to Shine. Alas… the Trick did not work. And because rené came to the podium and showed the audience messy hair, wrinkles and the Shine on your face.

Yes, the so-called stale styling now in Vogue. Remember, what furore was caused by Jennifer aniston on the red carpet, and then her stylist has admitted that the secret of hairstyles simple – do not wash hair for three days! But still neat, albeit dirty styling and hair-icicles that happened with Renee, things are different.

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And all anything, but with makeup, the actress also missed. After an unsuccessful grafting (surgery Zellweger continues to deny) the face of Renee has changed beyond recognition. Missing those signature chubby cheeks, lips, big eyes, face haggard, appeared wrinkles on his forehead, which did not exist before. Competent make-up could hide flaws, but Renee forgot to get baked, and the skin shone with an oily sheen.

Looking at the actress today, even there are doubts, and whether to watch the sequel “Bridget Jones”? After all, this is two different people…

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