Не узнать: Федор Бондарчук с густой шевелюрой

The network got the Director before cutting under zero. It’s not Fedor, it’s someone else’s!

How many of you remember what color the hair is Fedor Bondarchuk? Think there is one.

We are so accustomed to it gladkovybrityh mind that maybe you forgot about the fact that the Director was scorching brunette.

To remind everyone about his youth, Fyodor decided Alika Smekhova, actress posted in “Instagram” the 1992, in which Bondarchuk well, exactly like Abramovich!

Some 24 years ago, Michelle was the owner of a thick pitch black hair. But that no-one remembers. Fans refuse to believe that it was Bondarchuk.

“Fedor not Fedor” – written ones.

“Well, Fedya, Fedya! It is true that men get better with age! Do not show only Pauline,” – warn the Director and other.

“The spitting image of Andrew Hagolan,” – say others.

And none of the Internet users are not happy that the novel once had hair!

Here’s the paradox. Thousands of men suffer so much, when with age the hair begins to thin, shy appeared bald, spend a lot of money on supercompany, tablets, injections and even hair transplant, and Fyodor love bald!

Carries some!

By the way, while we sigh for Fedor, he, apparently, enjoy the gentle Spanish sun in the company of his bride Paulina, daughter-in-law of Tata Bondarchuk and singer Glyuk’oza, as evidenced by the pictures in social networks.

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