Ольга Бузова удивила откровенными микрошортами

The TV presenter tried on one of the most fashionable things of the summer season.

Olga Buzova published in his microblog a picture in a revealing outfit. This time the star fell on the seductive microsort denim.

Complement of the dress was voluminous white t-shirt, cropped silhouette and silver-tone lace-up heels. Judging from the picture, in this form, Olga Buzova performed at one of the shows. Contrary to the tradition of fans of stars approved fashion choice of his idol and noted her perfect figure. However, some commentators still suspect Buzova in anorexia and photoshop.

Meanwhile, Olga Buzova not the only star who decided to try Frank microsort. For example, summer in Instagram, Dmitry Nagiyev, there was a photo in sexy shorts. Foreign celebrities also love this garment. But not everyone turns to look at microsort stylish and harmonious.

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