Лена Ленина впервые надела кроссовки

The writer and socialite for the first time refused to stilettos, swapped them for comfy sneakers.

Lena Lenina is primarily known for its shocking images, exotic hairstyles and bright makeup. They say, in her dressing room, there are more than thousands pairs of shoes – all heels. In this collection stars no one pair of sneakers. But this mistake she decided to fix it.

While shopping in Milan, where you have a lot of worn between the boutiques, leading the star party happened to be closer to the people, try to wear sneakers. She liked it so much that to celebrate, she bought thirty pairs of sports shoes. Wearing sneakers to the owner of the network studios manicure Lena Lena liked it so much that in her Instagram she stated that she will now wear sneakers even evening gowns.

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