Даутцен Крез сверкнула грудью на вечеринке Ди Каприо

The supermodel made a splash at a charity event hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio in Saint-Tropez.

Doutzen Croesus demonstrates to the public everything that has awarded its nature. This time the reason to be naked is the annual party of Leonardo DiCaprio, which, incidentally, came many celebrities. Company Krez made Lily Donaldson, Naomi Campbell, Mariah Carey, Joan Smalls and many others.

The Doutzen Croesus shone this evening in a very provocative dress by Michelle Mason with a deep neckline and an impressive neckline to the hem. According to tradition, opened Kim Kardashian, the model is not wearing under toilet underwear, whereby the image turned out very sensual, sexy. Star could barely hold the hem of the dress to close some naughty parts of the body from prying eyes. The danger of the outfit was not only in the slit at the hem, but in a daring neckline, almost completely exposing Breasts supermodels.

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