Муж-миллионер Нелли Ермолаевой живет в спальном районе

Many believed the marriage of a star “Houses-2” and the son of the author of hits for “lube”, “White eagle”, “Simons” pure calculation. But it turned out not so simple.

Eks-the participant “Houses-2”, TV presenter Nelli Ermolaeva, married Cyril Andreev, the son of the author of hits for “lube”, “White eagle”, “Simons”.

Many called it a marriage of convenience. Say, father Cyril Mikhail Andreev – millionaire. But not so simple. The poet gets more, but it fees a secret. According to rumors, for the hit “Why so in Russia birches rustle” he earned a million dollars. Hence, perhaps, all the talk about the wealth. While most of the time Andreev lives in Tomsk.

He had a modest flat panel in the nine-issued once from the Union of writers, and a house in the suburbs, where the poet himself is working in the area (mowing grass, cutting trees). Michael admits that he has a property in Moscow in which lives the son. However, according to Andreev, is housing not in the center and quite ordinary.

He often performs with creative evenings. June 22, plans to present a book of poems. Entrance for spectators – 200 roubles.

On 1 September the poet was invited to homeroom in one of the schools in Tomsk region. Andreev agreed but put a condition that he was taken there and back, and must pay (the fees in that case amounted to about 8 thousand rubles). So, hopefully, the marriage of Nellie and Cyril was love…

Photos published Nelli Ermolaeva (@ermolaevanelly) Jun 13 2016 1:44 PDT

Recall wedding Nelli Ermolaeva and Kirill Andreev took place on 7 June. The venue was chosen not original, but the most fashionable in Moscow – restaurant Royal Bar.

Among the guests were Cornelia Mango, Alena Vodonaeva, Stas Kostyushkin with his wife Julia, Alexander Berdnikov, Nikolai Baskov and many other (read more HERE).

By the way

The three main Heath Michael Andreev:

“Why so in Russia birches rustle?” (“Lube”, and Sergey Bezrukov);

“Poplar fluff, heat, July,” (“Ivanushki International”);

“Because it is impossible to be beautiful such” (“White eagle”).

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