Mikhail Zadornov did a brain biopsy

Михаилу Задорнову сделали биопсию мозга

In October, the actor admitted that he began treatment for cancer.

New year’s eve was painted by the artist. Tickets for the performances satirist in Moscow and St. Petersburg at the ticket office dare instantly.

But at the last moment Zadornov had to cancel all concerts. Reason – severe treatment, which, unfortunately, implies no stress… As it became known, recently the showman did a brain biopsy.

Surgery the actor underwent one of the most famous German clinics. So soon the doctors will be able to put it a more accurate diagnosis and prescribe a course of treatment, writes Life.

Together with Zadornov in Germany today is his family: wife and daughter Elena. Meanwhile, the artist alerted the fans that the road to recovery will be long.

“The live situation was complicated. Ordered a new heavy treatment, with a voltage incompatible, – he wrote Zadornov on your website. — However, they are not cancelled. They will be restored with time. I hope, moreover, convinced that. You can not deny the pleasure nor the audience, nor yourself! So you can not rush to return the tickets prior to the receipt of the following information. We have a lot of new material, of which most want to share with the audience.”

Recall, 22 Oct known comedian suddenly became ill during a speech at the Moscow concert hall “Meridian”. However, then the artist sent to his doctor in a private clinic. Since then, the situation has become much more complicated.