Butterball Polina grents turned into a sex bomb

Пышечка Полина Гренц превратилась в секс-бомбу

Polina grents decided to be naked than a slew of fans on the spot.

The young actress, Muse, Dmitry Nagiyev from the popular series is not in vain in his 22 years has a whole army of fans. Now beauties Sasha Mamaeva in “the Teacher” the girl finally turned to pitoresco. And that lost? Polina effectively demonstrated the work results on the body thousands of followers on Instagram.

Many followers grents can’t hide the fact that pleasantly shocked by her candid picture in a bikini. Pauline, however, everything is detailed explained in the same microblog that her life is not so simple and chic in the bikini she made for a reason.

Пышечка Полина Гренц превратилась в секс-бомбу
Пышечка Полина Гренц превратилась в секс-бомбу

Girls are girls. Need swimwear to remeasure, as it does not make a thousand pictures? It is my time. So spontaneous decisions in my 22 years never did. For three days I decided I wanted to leave, she says in the comments under the photo. And tomorrow I am flying to India.

So in the near future, fans of beauty, or will see in her microblog development of the theme of the photo shoots bikini, or Pauline for a time disappear from sight of the public.

Recall that grents career took off after she accidentally walked onto one set with Nagiyev. It is the actor and presenter of “the Voice” made a bet on the young YouTube star, not even an actor, filming a movie. To lose weight Pauline helped nutritionist. Minus 14 pounds she took off, changing the diet. The effect holds due to the trivial regular gym 2-3 times a week.

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  • Пышечка Полина Гренц превратилась в секс-бомбу