Six ways to replace a shower if he has no time

Шесть способов заменить душ, если на него нет времени

Admit that sometimes you simply have no time or are too lazy.

The debate on how harmful or beneficial it is often to bathe, has managed to inspire American scientists to study. Those who take water treatments once or twice a week, in the conclusions of the experts of Columbia University will find an excuse for their rare, but thorough washes. And for those who cannot imagine a day without a shower in the morning and evening, is something to think about.

Fans of daily washing would be good to take note that frequent bathing with a body treatment all sorts of gels, oils, more harm to health than help. Daily cleansing dehydrates the skin and deprives natural oils and beneficial bacteria – in other words, thins natural protective fatty layer or “filter” that will make us more susceptible to infections and formation of pathologies.

In order to get rid of bacteria and viruses, it is enough to wash your hands regularly, as the most germs.

Experts advise to take a shower a maximum of once a day. But sometimes there’s no time. How sometimes it is difficult to force yourself to Wake up half an hour earlier… Or the evening flowed smoothly in the morning? Maybe just too lazy, let’s face it? Here you are not alone.

While it would be nice and look fresh. Options to pull off messy hair in a bun or paint on the head a playful mess, mimicking the styling gel, don’t always fit.

It seems that this is impossible? We offer 6 ways to freshen up, but no shower.

1. Wet wipes – our all

Better to immediately buy a large packet of sanitary napkins. The best option is to use wipes designed for little ones: they are hypoallergenic to the skin and gently cleanse it. Walk them in the most needed areas. It’ll dry instantly, the smell will disappear instantly.

2. Wipes for removing eye makeup

If you fell asleep in makeup, or they removed all the makeup and looking in the mirror, more to remind myself of the raccoon, you need wipes, cosmetic oil for removing makeup. In cosmetic shops are available. They are ideal if you put on waterproof mascara.

3. Shaving dry

Unwanted hair on the legs can be quickly removed with a razor, but without water. It also invented a special moisturizing shaving cream that doesn’t require water.

4. Citrus cream or lotion

Not to seem yourself dirty, you can put on your skin citrus lotion or body cream. It will remove odor, soothe and smooth dry skin, give a fragrance. For the full set and refresh and use perfume with notes of grapefruit, lemon, musk, Mandarin, etc.

5. Dry shampoo or baby powder

To wash my hair – it is long. To remove the Shine and even give volume, long invented dry shampoo. Apply a small amount on the roots, RUB with massage movements for a few minutes and comb. There is no such shampoo? Suitable baby powder, which is much cheaper and gives a similar effect.

6. Deodorant

Without it anywhere. Don’t forget about the deodorant for the feet prior to use which is good to use wet wipes from the first paragraph.