ММКФ-2016: Ольга Кабо повторила образ Паулины Андреевой

The actress came to the ceremony in a tuxedo on a naked body.

Most effective at the opening of the festival was the appearance on the red carpet actress Paulina Andreeva. And although it came without the loved one, directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk, still all the attention is dragged on. And all because on the background of the much well-dressed guests looked quite simple and so very stylish. Paulina smoothly combed hair and wearing a tuxedo on a naked body. Just for you! And that was enough to rivet the attention.

ММКФ-2016: Ольга Кабо повторила образ Паулины Андреевой

Don’t know this release was inspired by Olga Kabo, or simply catch a trend, but the closing of the festival, the actress repeated the trick and has earned admiring glances, appearing in a tuxedo MaxMara.

It should be noted that the image turned out no worse: Olga simplify the outfit, adding just the accessories, not drawing attention. But at the same time diversified the output, taking a clutch in the shape of a flask. Rowdy and cute. In our opinion, Olga Kabo deserves the title of most stylish participants in the closing ceremony of the film festival!

We recall, took place the closing ceremony of the 38-th Moscow international film festival (MIFF). The main event was the presence of its President Nikita Mikhalkov. Why is the main event? But because for the first time in many years, the Director was unable to attend the film festival – stayed in the hospital with pneumonia. In closing he literally took off a few hours from the doctors.

In the closing ceremony was attended by many actors, see photo gallery you can use the link.

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