Дизайнеры придумали носить микрошорты на семейные трусы

Our correspondent gave the men’s assessment of the new fashion trends. Have porutgal, of course, because nothing at all in this modern fashion is not understood. Let’s discuss.

In the village where I, as golopuz the boy regularly spent his holidays, lived a strange man, whom everyone called uncle Hugo. He was very good-natured little, love a good loud song, your rotten the tractor of YUMZ-6 and cakes with pickled mushrooms.

And walked through the village in torn sweat pants, from which protruded faded family. It seems that fashion look uncle Kuzi has adopted the American designer Alexander Wang and added it to his collection. On the show designer models paraded on the catwalk in microsort peek-a-Boo underwear. I am sure that at social events and fashion parties at expensive clubs, this outfit will look no worse than in the village.

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I’m not talking about the new trend of “sports pants and shoes.” This fashion style coined by our domestic Gopnik at the turn of XX and XXI centuries. So these guys, even if they are found in nature, you can safely apply on a company Gucci, to steal the idea, to the court. Well, nothing can not think of her! Now waiting for the invention of Versace: slates with black socks. I’m sure this idea has commercial potential.

And you like this would come out on the street?

  • Mmm, what’s wrong here?
  • In my opinion, came up in the city to wear micro-shorts and doesn’t sparkle buttocks. Would wear!
  • All this high fashion is not for everyday life
  • If only the village, really…
  • Looks cute, but she will never wear

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