Ирина Горбачева на премьере в платье Studio Nebo

In the framework of the MIFF premiere “Transformation” in which the actress played the main role.

Yesterday, June 29 in the cinema “October” premiere of the film Director and producer Tatiana Voronetskaya and co-Director Dmitry Sergin “Transfiguration”, in which the main role was played by Irina Gorbacheva.

For the premiere the actress delicate pink dress Studio Nebo and white sneakers.

By the way, to a mass audience Gorbachev, better known as the popular blogger at the moment on her Instagram signed 1 700 000 people! Became famous in the network Irina thanks to funny videos. First, it portrayed them as a foreign girl, Elsa, is now increasingly playing a dialogue between two friends leva and Mishani. Turned Irina’s not controversial – it can transform into anyone! Finally her game, viewers will be able to assess and screen a great movie. In the film “Transformation” Irina plays the lover of the protagonist – a dreamy artist Faith.

The premiere was seen by other characters in the movie: Maria Guzeeva, Mariya Boltneva and Grigory Kalinin and Elena Volatile, Ekaterina Volkova, Maria Boltneva, star of TV series “Univer. New Dorm Anastasia Ivanova, an actress from the TV series “Kitchen” Ekaterina Kuznetsova, host of “magazzino” on TV channel “Friday!” Alexander Molochko, producer and Director of the new film “Transformation” Tatiana Voronetskaya, script and main hero Dmitry Sergin.

The creators of the painting “the Transfiguration” define it as a film installation. The plot – the story of a young man named Max (played by Dmitry Sergin), whose extraordinary vision of the world allows him to travel through time and space, as well as to travel inside the minds of other people. The nature of the super hero abilities are not mystical, his gift is the result of a developed imagination and a special device thinking. Max is autistic, but rather to call him a “savant” (with FR. — scientist), he has some unique knowledge to the attainment of which will be able to reach the audience of the film “Transformation”.

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The shooting took place in Yalta and other cities of the Crimea, in the pavilion of the Moscow Studio of Magic Film, and in picturesque places of the capital and suburbs. Last shooting days of “the Transfiguration” occurred on the eve of new year celebrations – the crew was waiting when the snow falls to capture the hero’s journey in fancy Moscow and to convey the atmosphere of a holiday town, where the tramp wanders the Max people. Other natural objects represented in the painting, became the Crimean rocks and the depths of the sea, the suburban forests and fields.

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