Мелания Трамп перенесла операцию на почках

Poor Melania Trump! The US first lady was hospitalized. She survived the surgery on the kidneys.

Мелания Трамп перенесла операцию на почках

“Mrs. trump this morning passed the procedure of embolization of the kidney for the treatment of benign tumors. The procedure was successful and without complications”, — said the Director for public relations first lady Stephanie Grisham.

The operation was successful and the first lady feels good. The restoration will take a week, which she will hold at the National military medical center Walter reed. At that time, as Melania did, Donald trump was in the White house, but according to Grisham, he will soon visit his wife in the medical center.

I hope it will be as said the representative of Melania. Thursday, April 26, the first lady of the United States celebrated the birthday Melania trump turned 48, and Donald had not even prepared a present for her.
“You know I’m too busy to search for gifts,” — said trump.

Donald admitted that his wife was given a bouquet of flowers, certainly not small, and a holiday card. That the US President wrote in the card, and how you celebrated the day of birth — not known.

We will remind that not so long ago you showed your skills in organizing events. To visit arrived in the United States, the President of France Emmanuel macron and his wife Bridget. In honor of their arrival in the White house was organized the first official state gala dinner. It is on the shoulders of the first lady was preparing the menu, decorations and all aspects of the event. Coped with the task Melania as best as possible.

“Mrs. trump were personally selected every detail of the dinner from appetizers to cushions”, — noted the press Secretary Melania Stephanie Grisham.

Melania greeted at dinner the President of France. For the event, the first lady chose a bright silver dress from Chanel’s spring-summer collection of the brand. The outfit was not easy, because even at fashion Week was a Romper. Especially for Melania changed it in a dress, and not lost. Bridget Makron was also lovely. She chose a French brand and Melania, preferring the white dress from Louis Vuitton in the Greek style with gold trim. The two presidents were in tuxedos.

ABC News inquired about the dishes that were on the menu. There was presented “the best American cuisine with French nuances.” About his guests, Donald and Melania made sure by submitting on the table salads made from ingredients grown in the garden of the White house. It is known to have broken more predecessor Melania, Michelle Obama. Snacks were served the pie of goat cheese, tomato jam and biscuits. As the main course was presented rack of lamb, and for dessert, ice cream and the tart of the nectarines.