Дмитрий Шепелев жертвует сном ради завтраков для сына The TV presenter told how they morning. According to Dmitry Shepelev, he tries to please the child delicious Breakfast. The man shared details in the microblogging and announced that he already has his own home recipe book.
Дмитрий Шепелев жертвует сном ради завтраков для сына

Popular TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev frequently tells fans about how his son grows Plato, which gave birth to Jeanne Friske. Judging by the posts of journalist, he is very close with the child, to take care of him and tries to fulfill his desires. In a recent post, Dmitri announced that he prepared Breakfast for the heir.

“He has amassed a pile of recipes and alternate mood. Can be almost anything: perfect omelette with mushrooms, poached on toast or salted salmon and capers, scramble can also perfect, not worse than chef Ramsay, I bet. There’s cereal, pancakes, cheesecakes… That I’m not bragging, I just can’t in the mornings on the run, can’t yesterday and cold too. Anyhow I will not go, requires soul alignment. Even if you get up early, you still get up even earlier, to a crust of bread with a little water not to choke,” – shared TV presenter.

However, as said Shepelev Plato are not always able to appreciate the culinary delights. The boy is not demanding in the choice of food. “Him rice pudding with nectarines in honey and cinnamon by and large to sneeze. Nothing cooler hot sandwiches it is offered, and bread more. Well, or sausage, home dairy,” added Dmitry.

Many users of social network admire Shepelev. “Your story is only respect and shows love to the son”, “I just Wanted to be Plato, so all these Goodies to try”, “it’s so nice having a man who can cook”, – expressed his admiration for the Network users.

Despite the fact that Shepeleva praised for attitude to Plato, there are those who are down on the presenter all the negativity. Many people criticized the civil husband of the singer, because he does not allow the boy to communicate with grandma and grandpa. Family Friske Plato sees very rarely because the journalist does not allow the child to hold in their house for a few days. Meetings are held on neutral territory.

Meanwhile, the court is dealing with the missing funds that were allocated for treatment of the singer. Relatives of Jeanne required to pay the amount, which is about 22 million rubles. In the press there was an information that from-for this debt the marshals have sealed the house Shepeleva, which he began to build during the life of the artist. So far, the broadcaster has failed to resolve this issue.