Актеров сериала «Ольга» избили в центре Москвы  Stay Alina Alekseeva and Boris Dergacheva in a bar in the capital was overshadowed by the conflict with the drunk visitor. The man doubted the talents of young people and showered them with insults. Sober, aggressor said he did not remember the events of that night.
Актеров сериала «Ольга» избили в центре Москвы

29-year-old Alina Alekseeva and 27-year-old Boris Dergachev, who played in the series “Olga”, was attacked 37-year-old man, who was intoxicated. The incident occurred in one of the bars located in the center of Moscow on Gogolevsky Boulevard. Artists, being frequent visitors, and rested there on the night of Tuesday, may 15.

Closer to twelve o’clock in the morning to Alina and Boris asked the drunk man. According to journalists, it was the economist Daniel, living in the alley Sivtsev Vrazhek. The stranger began to call young people bad actors. Daniel tried hard to involve artists in the conflict. He did not skimp on the insults, wanting to provoke a response.

Актеров сериала «Ольга» избили в центре Москвы

However, Alexeev and Dergachev did not respond to the provocation. They tried to pretend that nothing is happening. At some point, Daniel grabbed Boris and pulled out into the street, where he began to beat. The actor tried to defend himself from the blows until his companion called for help. Alina begged the bartender to call the police and tried to help Boris. Alexeyev was not shy – she threw objects at attacked a colleague, and even, according to some, hit the offender with a stick.

After Daniel vented his anger, he turned for help to the doctors. A man went to the Sklifosovsky research Institute. As it turned out, Alekseev and Dergachev gave the aggressor the strongest back – doctors diagnosed for it injury of the crown and injury of the forearm.

The cast of “the Kitchen” also took a beating from health-care professionals. After a fight with the drunk visitor of a night school in Alexeyeva and Dergacheva found soft tissue injuries. Then Alina and Boris wrote an application to insult their man. Artists asked law enforcement officials to verify the incident. As it became known to journalists, offender Alexeyeva and Dergacheva already apologized to them. He admitted that they overdid it with alcohol, therefore have forgotten all the events of that night.

At the moment, artists are recovering after a confrontation with an aggressive man. To recover, it took them half a day, according to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Alina Alekseeva – actress and fetish model. She starred in “Kitchen”, “Friendship of peoples” and “Eternal vacation.” Boris Dergachev – actor and stand-up comedian, the audience know him for starring in the TV show “B-Team”. Young people also played in the TV series “Olga” with the participation of Yana Troyanova.