Отцу Луи Томлинсона диагностировали рак печени

Biological father Louis Tomlinson 49-year-old Troy Austin was diagnosed with liver cancer. Last week he had a tumor removed. Troy is optimistic and not giving up.

Troy said for The Sun that will fight the disease and significantly change your habits: “Every day I smoked 25 cigarettes and drank 6-8 bottles of beer. And my diet was awful – Chinese and Indian food takeaway, and a lot of chips. Sometimes I could do not to eat, but only drank and smoked.”

This is the second blow, which had to be moved to the former soloist of boyband One Direction Louis Tomlinson. A year and a half ago, he said goodbye to his mother, Joanna Deakin died at age 42 from leukemia. “With a sense of immense grief we inform you that the family said goodbye to Joanna early Wednesday morning, December 7. Previously, Joanna was diagnosed with a severe form of leukemia that requires immediate and extended treatment. We urge to give her family the time and space to get over this tragedy”, — said the representatives of the family. A little later, her husband, stepfather of Louis, wrote an open letter in which he said that Joanna “was very selfless and always put the interests of others above their own”.

The social network has published a post of Joanne’s husband, Dan Deakin, in which he talked about how incredible his wife was.

Dan thanked wife for what she gave him seven children, Louis (24), Lottie (18), felicity (16), 12-year-old twins Phoebe and Daisy and 2-year-old twins Ernest and Doris. This was a loving and caring mother for each of them.

“She was very selfless and always put the interests of others above their own. Most of all she wanted everyone around her was happy and loved. She worked tirelessly on many charitable campaigns, gave countless beautiful moments wards of the funds and their families. For me she was the perfect wife and best friend. I wanted to be near her all my life, but even in the five short years that we were together, we have accumulated such an amount of happiness, adventures and pleasant memories, which is enough for me for life”, — was stated in the post.