«Обабился»? Дмитрий Шепелев рассказал, каково быть отцом-одиночкой
The TV presenter has revealed unexpected details about the education of his son.

Photo: Instagram

For almost three years, Dmitry Shepelev Plato live without his most beloved woman in the world — Janna Friske. During this time anchor has completely changed my life. In particular, this applies to those everyday moments that usually “responsible” mother.

The TV host shared with fans a story about how the morning in their small Plato family.

“Always cook in the morning, myself and son, — he wrote. — Well, saved deck recipes and alternate mood. Can be almost anything: perfect omelette with mushrooms, poached on toast or salted salmon and capers, scramble can also perfect, not worse than chef Ramsay, I bet. There’s cereal, pancakes, cheesecakes, those and that. That I’m not bragging, I just can’t in the mornings on the run, can’t yesterday and cold too. Anyhow I will not go, requires soul alignment. Even if you get up early, you still get up even earlier, to a crust of bread with a little water not to choke. Plato to my love is patiently and graciously. Him rice pudding with nectarines in honey and cinnamon, by and large, chhat. Nothing cooler hot sandwiches he will not be offered to bread and more. Well, or sausage, home dairy. Two! Balance. But on the weekends hunting to cook in the morning at all. Evil and rough language prompt gall comment: “sissified cook”. Come on, fry!”

Despite the “concerns” subscribers, on the contrary, has supported Dmitry and paid tribute to his culinary abilities. And many were pleased to some details about Plato, which Shepelev does not show to the public and rarely talks about it.